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Laptop Hardware Repair

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65 Minutes

This class teaches students how to troubleshoot and fix the most common laptop hardware problems.


Computer Anatomy
This class talks about:

Purchasing Laptop Parts
Replacing LCD Screens
Replacing LCD Inverters
Replacing Keyboards
Installing RAM
Replacing Hard Drives
Replacing Optical Drives


Cerealkiller says:

29:30 yeah right sticky cause of sugar ;)

saintjasin says:

I actually found a site that sells individual keyboard keys for a couple
bucks each, can’t remember the link though.

Cihad yıldız says:

nice beard

55EPICMAN says:

You remind me of Walter White from Breaking Bad…

ihavemonkeysinmybutt says:

lol I know exactly what he is talking about I’ve been trying to fix my asus
tablet for months now. It’s taking me months to fix my asus tablet. Now I’m
waiting on some specialty screws all the way from Europe to mount the LCD
component to the tablet. I should have just bought the LCD assembly. 

OtterWater528 says:

I’ve been working in vein to get my compaq presario cq60 to do just that
Carlos. How much do you want for it?

joe banana says:

My stupid computer keeps saying, “Danger Will Robinson”.

Mos Defect says:

I tried fixing laptop but I ended up fucking it up. :(

Faiss MR says:

how can u tell its a dead battry?
i have this problem with packardbell, the powerjach is good in place and my
adapter is good. But now i dont know if its my motherboard or not … :s

Petra Statler says:

+NuEra Support can you help me fix my laptop like this? – Laptop Hardware

Maria Rivera says:

Hi , like your video my problem with my Laptop it started to show red and
blue colors mix with the screen display right now looking at your video
here are red and blue dot all over the screen do you think it the hard

TheKrazyKing says:

i got 16 terrabytes of ram lol

Moses Eze says:

how do you repair A dv6000 power problem, it always freezes each time I
insert the battery while its plug to electric source? I will be hoping to
get a reply on this as soon as possible, Nice doing bro

jackie susan Lee says:

i lie that one is good to learn laptop .keep repair laptop youtube is good
to learn about laptop fix laptop ,i like it a lot.

edgar garcia says:

I love ebay,

emerybryant says:

lol i just realized i cant even take the battery out without taking apart
my laptop x.x wtf asus?

doppel ganger says:

i laughed so hard at the macbook story “its a 2000 dollar computer please
help me” haha that was hilarious! nice

ashton guidry says:

So far i rly like these tutorials. keep it up. Im trying to learn a few
things. I’m still kinda lost on a few thigns but these rly help. The advice
on the inverter caught me a lil off guard. when you first said a part to
watch out for the first things that came to my mind were the lazer and
capacitance circuits. Not trying to nitpic here but would like a lil
clarity technically isnt the part a step up transformer and the circuit its
self is refered to as an inverter/converter?

learningtocompute says:

Great video as always Eli.

lennertbontinck says:

over heating is also caused by dust, just use some compressed air and
you’ll see an amount of dust coming out of the fans like you’ve never
thought it would!

Ian Vinson says:

Google is an young technician’s best friend. :D

Brian Watson says:

On the thumbnail he looks like a chipmunk that just found his nuts. 

Calin C says:

And hey… that’s a BAD way of treating a laptop :)))))
Good advice for the beginners though.

Tzimnewman3 says:

How much did you pay Jonathan Frakes for the voice over?

Jay Mee says:

another better way to earth yourself is touch something you know is earthed
then you wont need a wrist band even if your worried about EMS just
remember about carpets etc causing static so if you move around or take
your top off then touch earth again, i tend to use a plugged in psu that is
earthed then you should be fine!

Roger Davis says:

you da man!

Ernest Lane says:

Seems to me that it is better to tape the small screws to the covers or
other computer parts that must go back into place.

Murray Dillabough says:

i just had to pick on you XD you drop the screwdriver haha and can i get
free supply lol joking haha XD

Moby Inayet says:

It may be a good idea to download technical manuals from the laptop
manufacturer’s website to help with dis-assembly/assembly.

Luis Bisono says:

Hi Eli. I have this laptop that a friend gave it to me. It is a samsung
rv510. He said that it fell off from his bed and now it randomly freezes
when booting. I did an inspection to it and I saw that the hard drive
wasn’t working, so I bought a new one. The laptop now recognizes the hard
drive, but the freezing still persisting. I’m guessing that it might be
over heating or the motherboard is bad. Can you help me out!

Laptop Repair Brighton says:

Interesting video guys.

cad5359 says:

$200 for a screen? My Asus laptop was $350 new…

Ashish Pokharel says:

this guy is my best friend!!!


I have had mostly good luck with Ebay parts.

ataullah abdullah says:

well I changed the invert-er and the screen and the wire and the logo comes
but no back light how can I fix this HELP

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