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Laptop Fix no power toshiba L655, good battery, power adapter and power jack.

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This video shows how to fix a Toshiba L655 that does not turn on, good power supply and good power jack, but it still will not turn on.


carpio01 says:

To Jordan Jensen: I don’t know if I can be of any more assistance, I would
need to physically be there to try different ideas. If one thing did not
work look for something else. Sorry for not being of more help.

Kayoss says:

What’s the name of the wire that was connected to the power jack? Is it

Rightt HHand says:

lol he has to unplug it to turn it off. just press the power button and it
should go into shut down mode. if not hold in the power button for 8 to 10
seconds and it will turn off. I see thats what you did as i kept watching.
also you could of plugged in a usb mouse and it would of found the house
and you could of clicked to power down.

furulevi says:

I have a very similar problem with the same model L655, it will start up
sometimes but rarely, the LEDs are blinking and the cooler spins up for a
half a second and nothing shown up on the screen. When it does start up
(rarely), it shuts down instantaneously after a few minutes or hours. I
disconnected even the CPU and RAM and the symptoms are the same, the LEDs
are blinking and the cooler spins for half a second… I think the
motherboard or the CPU is weakened somehow, or maybe it is programmed not
to work after a certain amount of usage just like printers nowadays…

carpio01 says:

To Jordan Jensen: It sounds like you MIGHT have a bad CPU, when you remove
it and try to start it eliminates what is throwing it to the protection
mode but by removing it and the memory you are preventing it from booting
up because now it does not satisfy the basic requirements to even post. If
possible I would check by trying a different CPU, and whenever you try to
turn it on have RAM(memory), CPU+FAN. If it was the power button you would
not even get any response at all. This are only suggestions since I cant
check my self.

Kostchtchie says:

My fan doesn’t spin, overall I get nothing but the first 2 leds, nothing on
screen and no power to fan, any help?

Stoked4life says:

Thank you so much for showing how to test what parts and components work or
not. My daughter’s Toshiba L755 is similar in arrangement inside. I
discovered the replaced power charger fried the original power jack after
the hinge inside broke. The power jack wires were hitting the broken metal
hinge and that’s what started to burn the power jack. Replaced the jack
with a brand new one. Plugged it in and it almost burned but luckily I
pulled it out in time. Found out it was the power charger. Replaced it
with her old one. No burning of the power jack wires. But nothing came on
like in your video. I discovered when I unplugged the cable from the
screen, everything came on; power and lights. I plugged back in the cable
and nothing came on. So now I just have to replace the cable and cover.
Saved me a ton of money if I took it to a repair shop. Thanks a lot!

carpio01 says:

To Jordan Jensen: Your situation sounds different than what I have in this
video. I was not getting the computer to even hint at powering on. No fan,
no additional lights, nothing when I pressed the power button. Since you
mentioned that you get the fan to turn on I am thinking that it might be
either bad memory or the Video chip malfunctioned. When I did not had
memory in the computer it would turn on the fan and lights but it would not
show anything on the screen (that could also happen with bad memory). If
the memory is fine and you have CPU+Fan and monitor connected but still
don’t get it to show anything. Then it might be the Video Chip. In order
for the laptop to post it has to have memory, cpu+fan, and power. I am a
little unclear about your specifics so this is the best I can think right

Lloyd m Gardiner Jr says:

Hi you are Great my hp pavilion dv9500 is doing the seem thing the only
thing is that I am getting a blue flashing light bolt getting power but
will not come on can you help I live in the Bahamas if you are in Miami I
will bring it to you to fix you are grate

james magombo says:

Hie I am really stuck with my hp 635 after updating the Bios and
accidentally shutting it down during the process. Pliz help

John Taylor says:

Excellent video covering a lot of the basics of how laptops can be fixed.
Thanks! I have a Tosh Satellite with the same symptoms, so will have a go
at this later! I wonder what do I do if the problem is some component on
the motherboard? I have some experience in fixing PCBs but I guess a MB
regulator component/diode/fuse would be the next stop. Where can I obtain a
circuit diagram of the MB? Where did you obtain your parts? Best, John.

carpio01 says:

@Jordan Jensen: Yes id does boot up, just you will not have any way to
connect USB peripherals. When the computer detects a short or problem it
goes into a self protecting state, and it will not power to prevent any
further damage. When I disconnected the USB card I had to disconnect from
the power and then reconnect so it would start, when I disconnected it
“forgot” it had a problem. When the card is not connected and I try to re
boot it checks and since the problem is gone it does not need to protect
itself. Hope you find the cause of the problem.

Tarawa1943 says:

Thank you sir for showing the process of elimination on repairing. I have
a L645 with the same problem. I thought it was just it was a bad power
jack but now I will check out the switch and USB port board. 

victoria aguilar says:

Wow this is very helpful I also have a Toshiba it shows it has power but my
screen doesn’t come on an I must have it plugged in by charger in order for
the led lights to come once unplugged no led come on if I even try to power
an still no screen on I may need a new battery but I have no idea this does
help to give me options on what to try thnks

Patrick James says:

Need advice: I have a Toshiba Satelite L300 the power button light comes
on when plug into the outlet when i press the power button the light comes
on ,the fan is spinning but nothing comes on the screen. what advice can
you give me . what might be the problem with my computer

Starzoomer3344MC says:

+Carpio01 so what was the overall easy fix?

Faheem Zx says:

Thanks sir I reiserted ram. Now charge light is on

yohan strauss says:

just look in the one of USB connector u find that one of it is damaged and
its pin shorted to ground

Falmouth Farm says:

Great video & very well explained! Maybe you can help me with a similar
problem. I’m working on a Toshiba Satellite L355. First I had to replace
a broken screen and then the inverter card. Works great, however when the
battery ran out of power, the AC adapter would not charge the battery nor
power the computer. At first the LEDs would light up, but within a couple
minutes, even the LEDs woudn’t light. I used a meter to check all aspects
of the AC adapter and it reads good. The power jack doesn’t seem loose, so
I’m thinking it may have something to do with the MOSFET on the
motherboard. Any ideas? Maybe I’m just dreading taking this laptop and
it’s 42,000 screws totally apart.

Justin Fleming says:

I need help with my Toshiba satellite c850 wont turn or nun

carlos valentin says:

I had the same problem. But mines was powering up, usb was shorted. I
change usb.

Faheem Zx says:

Thanks sir I be removed ram and then insert it. Now laptop charge light is
on. Thanks alot

Lauren Huddleston says:

Where can I find a power cord and replacement battery for cheap?

Jaylon Williams says:

Cardio, would it be possible to email you to show you my issues.

Lionel Der Boven says:

I have learned a lot with this video! thanks!

george hume says:

fantastic video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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