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Laptop display not working? Laptop black screen, blank screen Fix

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Laptop screen won’t turn on/Laptop display not working? possible solutions to a blank, black, not working laptop display. how to fix laptop blank screen.Laptop Black screen fix. Laptop screen not turning on.Laptop screen stays black
This Video contains 4 possible fixes for a laptop display that is not working. If your laptop power on but shows a blank or black image these are possible fixes to help you resolve the problem and help you save money by fixing it yourself.

Laptop screen stays blank? No image on laptop? Blank display when i turn on my laptop? How to fix a black screen on my laptop?

1. If your Laptop doesn’t power on at all please click and watch the video at 0:17

2.Memory/Ram can be the cause of a laptop to power on with no display/image, or with a blank or black screen.Also in some cases the ram could be dirty or the memory/ram slot could have failed and simply moving the ram to another slot or removing the ram from that slot would be a possible fix.If there’s two sticks of ram, testing them in each memory slot should help you isolate the bad memory stick.

3.Use and external monitor feature by connecting your laptop to a external monitor and press the external monitor combination key. First you would have to locate your external monitor key, then hold FN+ F? key on your laptop. Different brands have different video toggle keys.

Laptop Brand video toggle keys:
ACER: Fn-F3 or Fn-F5
Compaq: Fn-F4 or Fn-F2
Gateway: Fn-F1 or Fn-F3 or Fn-F4
Hewlett Packard : Fn-F5 or Fn-F12
IBM: Fn-F1 or Fn-F2 or Fn-F7 or FN-F9
Panasonic: Fn-F2
Sony: Fn-F7 or Fn-SHIFT-F7 (Vaio)
Toshiba: Fn-F5 or Fn-END or CRTL-ALT-END

4. If the above fixes doesn’t resolve your issue it could possibly be a LCD backlight issue, screen itself, some case a failed or loose VGA cable that goes from the motherboard to the screen, and worst case scenario, a faulty motherboard that has to be replaced.

If your laptop screen/display won’t Power on these trick/fix work for all Brands. Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Asus, Compaq, Lenovo IBM etc.. This Laptop Won’t power on fix will work with all brands.

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GRAHAM2109 says:

I am getting a faint high pitch sound coming from the laptop

PixelInTheGame says:

i got some water on the keyboard and the screen wont turn on, and if i try
with an external monitor it sais no signal. All the lights and stuff work.
help plz…

MrNight48 says:

ok i got a weird one, my buddy has a laptop with a screen that doesn’t show
anything unless he pushes it in and holds it to see images. the brand only
has a house symbol inside it and doesn’t know how old it is but looks
pretty old,
1) any suggestions as what could the brand could be?
2) the possible problem with the screen and solutions?
any help is appreciated 

Rencious says:

In Lenovo G400, I can’t find any screws at the bottom of my laptop. Where
can I find it? Please help. :(

Omar Paláu says:

If the screen is being displayed in an external monitor, then what’s wrong
with my computer’s screen?

BreyerLuv333 says:

My laptop is a Sony Vaio with Windows 8. I can turn it on alright but when
it powers up it will be a grey screen with the mouse on it but it wont go
any further than that. PLEASE HELP!

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

+007DuyTran, Yes, depending on the size removed it will affect the

GRAHAM2109 says:

My HP laptop powers up but no display. It is a virtually new screen. It was
working fine but turned it on the other day and saw no display. I dont seem
to have two slots for memory card

Flix says:

I have a dell inspiron 6400, the screen is white with vertical lines on it,
external monitor is also not working. No image on screen only white, on
external monitor, it just stays black, on my tv, it is not even recognized.
I did press fn+f8 to activate VGA.

Jeremylittlemars says:

Didn’t work Heres exactly what happened i was on skype messaging and my
keyboard was acting funny i pressed shift and it put “m” i typed a “w” and
it would put soemthing like a “wurt” So i turned it off using the power
button and then i turned it back on it came on but the keyboard was still
acting funny luckly i had a picture password so i used that and i logged in
i was clicking desktop tile and it just froze the charger icon has an x on
it and it said no battery inside so i took it out and put it back in witht
eh AC still being in the laptop then after a few seconds it went off i
tried to turn it back on but it wouldn’t turn on i still heard the fan but
the screen wouldn’t turn on i removed the battery countless times and
removed the ac numerous times also not to long after the fan just went off
and now i don’t evven hear a fan anymore i tried this nothing happened at
all What do i need to do i really need help please help!

iFishyOcelot Meow says:

I’m turning on my laptop and signing in but then the screen just turns
green and freezes what do I do!

MIchelle4reel says:

Thank you so very much for the video! I connected my Toshiba satellite
laptop to an external monitor and the screen works. Does that mean I don’t
have a problem with the memory/ Ram or any other motherboard issues? I even
replaced the entire screen and the laptop monitor still didn’t work. I was
going to order an inverter until I realized my computer had none. So I will
try to replace the cords. Is there any other solutions you can think of?

Dora Rohrbacher says:

Hello. My laptop is able to power up but then it’s only a black screen with
a mouse cursor and nothing else no matter how long I wait. It worked fine 5
hours ago when I went to sleep and now it’s like this. It hasn’t fallen or
anything like that. It’s a TOSHIBA and I had it for 4 years without a
single problem..

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

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Mohammed Ali says:

Hey my acer is stuck at the acer logo and explore beyond limits screen, no
wheel at the bottom, and I can’t find the cursor, please help

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

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NateGamesHD says:

My memory thing dosent have 2 slots..what do I do know

ritu hoque says:

My laptop turns on but it just shows a black screen which has some lines on
it and that’s it it dosnt move or work or tried so many things please help
the brand Is acer PLEASE HELP ❤️


hi im using windows 8 i decided to change my team so i hadto dl ribbon
disbler they ask me to log off so i did then when i sign in its all black
can uhlp me

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

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josh thomas says:

why iz that beat crazy az all hey-yell!mo foga WHEW!!!

Jonhy ge says:

Thanks my ram card was failed so i need to buy another one.

Striker Melon says:

your the best

Maria Gnav says:

Ok I’m trying to follow the steps and the little links on the screen is a
pain in the ass, so this video gets a dislike from me

vivalaJamie01 says:

Perfect!!! Worked for me. Thankyou 

Toy Craft says:

External monitor what is that?

Jonas Handy says:


Kryštof Horňák says:

what laptop are u using in this video?

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