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Laptop DC Jack Test and Repair

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This is a repair on a dc power jack

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sjoepele says:

I wonder why they went with double wires in this laptop. Is that common?

ledfootdude says:

Nice video, thanks

fixitdaz says:

my charging plugs gets really hot and does not charge my ASUS N53S laptop
when laptop is on, It charges the laptop when power is off. I used
different chargers and it does the same. Is it the circuit board that is

Nandy III says:

Thanks, great help.

Rex Young says:

Shenzhen Fleming Technology Co.,LTD/ http://www.laptopsspare.com online mall ,you
can buy all kinds of dc power jacks at lowest price

Jader7777 says:

Your thumbnail is deceiving, it shows a picture of a DC jack in the
motherboard but in the video you deal with an external jack.

Darryl Landry says:

I like to use a lighter to strip wire.

Gavrila Bogdan says:

Had the same problem with an Lenovo B560. Damn cheap pieces.

Laptop Repair Brighton says:

Thanks for the video

Lou1lou0 says:

Great 🙂 merci.

Omar Perez says:

Thank’s you, I’ve repair my dauther’s aspire one wish was lost for the
FNAC service in belgium!!!!!! Thank’s

Ámoŕe Verdaderò says:

Amazing ! Fixed my laptop within an hr of buying all needed items. TY TY !

Jon awesomeness says:

have you done this before? your shaking pretty bad.lol

david southern says:

Excellent mate.

Ahmed Tawfiq says:

thank you :)

fixitdaz says:

Hi Khalid Mehmood, I have sent you a link that may help you out,HP DV8
aren’t the best to get apart, i would test the power adapter first and
check that it isn’t the flex on power adapter as this sometimes brakes so
it could be the power adapter and not the dc jack.Hope this helps.

TheDavo1966 says:

hi daz,,great job m8..just had to add a comment here about cost,you have
said the going rate is £65 ,i’ve seen a few other videos here and the
Americans are charging $69 which works out around £44 …..33% more than
the Americans you are charging !,not think you are a greedy bugger ?

fixitdaz says:

Cool Glad you got it sorted, it sounded as if not enough heat from the
iron,glad the video helped you out.

Khalid Mehmood says:

Hi it is very nice of you that you asked me well my problem is this where
we connect our charger connector inside pc the connector is not working
some times if i press wire or shake it then it works but i want to replace
it and i tried to open this HP DV8 entertainment pc it is too much
difficult to open I hope that you could do some good help to me thanks.

fixitdaz says:

Thumbs up.

Victor Saceanu says:

Use flux dude!

Skgibson8 says:

Thankyou for being detailed! This video helped alot!

TheDavo1966 says:

sweet ,you can buy a soldering iron for less than £10..stop being a cheap

fixitdaz says:

Soldering is the only way,get yourself a cheap iron and you should beabull
to fix it.Thanks for watching.

rao raza says:

Thanks Fixitdaz Gud Job

fickitonetime says:

good video well explained.

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