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LAPTOP Broken Hinges $2 repair fix Screen Arm DIY πŸ”© πŸ”§ ➀ ACER ASUS Lenovo HP Toshiba SONY DELL

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Hallo and welcome on my channel. Today IΒ΄d like to show you how to repair broken laptop hinges.
This is a very common problem. Hinges are broken and plastic parts damaged.
Changing the bottom case cover, palmrest or LCD cover and bezel is very expensive.
After several years I’ve improved my way of repairing the hinges in an elegant and cheap way.
I have repaired more than one hundred laptops by this way.

Many people try to fix hinges only with hot melt glue gun or seal up broken parts and It won’t work last long.

We only need basic tools. Drill bits, screws, nuts and rivets.
Sometimes we have to use Strong Epoxy Glue or any other strong glue for fixing broken small pieces.

All important parts you can buy on ebay.

Rivets 4mm:

Drill bits, screws and nuts: 2mm, 3mm

Flute Countersink Drill Bit:

Epoxy glue:

Construction strong glue what I used:

It took me over one year to create this video.
This repair procedure can also be applied to various models.
I chose several laptops of different brands.

01:29 ACER
08:11 LENOVO
15:32 ASUS
20:13 HP
34:23 SONY
36:20 DELL

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Charging issue micro USB:

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Leo Learning says:

Great video. Somebody plz explain how they break ??

makemoneyrelax says:

I used gorilla glue, it works just fine

Lawrence Cobarrubia says:

where are you located at? not very handy at laptops and if i can send my laptop for you to fix and how much? please let me know from southern california. thank you.

surajit chaklader says:


RAna SAm says:

AT 20:23 i have the same laptop but my back panel is broken is there is have any way to repair?

Knot Vikings says:

thank you for a great video! a hinge just broke on my laptop and this video was the first one to pop up, very helpful indeed. what would you suggest for fixing the piece of metal running along the side of the screen? i guess it's there for structural support when opening and closing mine snapped just where it meets the hinge.

EiN Dayler says:

upload more videos, quality work. it's great.

Zombiekillla says:

I dropped mine and its really loose and won't stay standing up and the hinges popped out the back a little bit

Harish patil says:


pradeep jena says:

thanks dud for idea

ALLU ARJUN subscribe says:

Where the revits are available to buy.. I count find in flipkart

Mert GΓΆrkem Battal says:

Dont forget guys, you can just repair once with this method and once it's broken again, you need to replace all parts like he said in the beginning. Not a long term reliable method. If you want to use your laptop for more years, just replace. If you just want some months more with your old laptop, go ahead do this. Good days everyone.

Palash Sharma says:

This according to me is like enhancing the aesthetic look of the PC, really good job, it doesn't look bad.

Jonathan Litz says:

Can you use crazy glue to fix screen on toshiba?

ford wilson says:

je t'adore….

jhared balagat says:

What is the tread height of your screw sir?

Lizzy Peer says:

What if the part of the laptop that is either broken or doesn't stay closed when you try popping it back into place is the corner by the lcd screen? How would you fix that? I would like to know so that I know whether it would be worth buying a $20 laptop from a lady that has that little problem but the laptop works just like new.

Allexis says:

Absolutely beautiful video, good sir! What's the tool you used to seat the screws @ 20:25? https://youtu.be/bEW6Tw9T8cg?t=1765

Rosenlee Torres says:

hi can u give a link on which screws did you use so i can buy it, because from the place where i live, its not easy to look for those. thanks.

ROsskg says:

wow wow wow


just excellent video……fantastic!!! i think it is so helpful to everyone who watched this video ..thank you so much fir uploading this video

sk box says:

Plz one in iball laptop hinges

Sumit Singh says:

Bina tode hi ban jata hai thoda sa hi to toota tha

Tuan Tran says:

Excellent solutions with permanent fixes. But, some of your customers probably cried when seeing the Frankenstein screw heads sticking out on their laptops! πŸ™‚ To prevent the cracks on the plastic case, I would use washers under most screw heads. I would drill the counterbore holes to offset the washer's thickness to make them look less visible. Thanks for the great video.

Annie talks Films says:

Would I have to reformat my laptop for this? I have a lot of important files in it and i'm afraid of losing them

Chris Johnson says:

Just a quick question. Are you using rivets as opposed to nuts because of astetics or because it's better? I'm doing my cousin's soon and was hoping for an answer before I start. Thanks so much.

Chris Johnson says:

Excellent video man! You do quality work. I just did this to my own laptop and it's working great again.

Akshay Verma says:

Thankyou so much, my lenovo laptop's hinge was broken,now i know its fix

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