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Laptop Battery not charging “plugged in, not charging” Windows 10 – Non-Removable Battery Steps

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An easy battery fix for your laptop battery “plugged in, not charging” Windows 10. This is a simple to follow laptop battery fix/ battery calibration video on how to fix laptop battery not charging plugged in not charging Windows 10 battery error message. And yes, laptop plugged in not charging means the same thing in my video suggested steps to get your laptop battery charging again. https://youtu.be/d1iFJ7SBQtY

A lot of people with new and old laptops get this condition with there laptop battery not charging while plugged in to AC power. These 12 steps in my video attempts to resolve this issue with your laptop battery through a free easy battery calibration procedure. Does this work all the time? No it does not. Laptop batteries have a limit life span. They can only be charged and discharge so many times before they will permanently stop charging. However, a lot of the time a simple battery calibration is all it takes to fix a laptop battery that is not charging fully and plugged in. So this is an easy video tutorial on a laptop battery not charging fix/laptop plugged in not charging Windows 10, for those who don’t want to buy a new laptop battery. Especially if they don’t need too. Because laptop batteries can be expensive depending on where you buy it.

These steps for fixing your laptop battery works for any laptop brand like Dell, ACER, TOSHIBA, ASUS…etc, including if you get an HP laptop battery not charging plugged in not charging error message from a HP Hewlett Packard laptop. It just happen that the laptop that I used in the video was a HP laptop if you were wondering. And it’s a great HP I5 laptop too by the way. In other words, this video shows you a good laptop battery fix for all laptop brands and sizes. Its a good procedure for laptop battery reconditioning on all types of laptops.

BTW: Note that following these basic steps to fix your laptop battery to start charging again will also virtually work as well to fix the laptop battery not charging plugged in not charging Windows 8/8.1 and also laptop battery not charging plugged in not charging Windows 7 problem too.

Step 12 Explained more clearly.
One last thing. Some people have express via email or comments for a little better explanation on how to perform step 12 in my video tutorial. Hopefully this will help: Once your laptop battery is completely recharged. Use your laptop on battery power only. Allow it to drain/discharge. Plug in AC power and recharge – Allow it to drain. Plug in AC power and recharge – Allow it to drain. Do this for a total of 3x and allow your laptop battery to cool down to room temp between recharges. This will help to prevent you from getting laptop plugged in but not charging message again from Windows 10.


Shala Santiago says:

This didnt work for me and everytime i unplug the cord the whole computer shuts off

mymea01 says:

could be the plug inself

dorel rischa says:

For me not working win7 x64 acer aspire 5560

Lisa Kunkler says:

I did it, now see how long it last,I hate my HP computer it's been nothing but trouble since I purchased it 9 mths ago!!

Sushant Karnik says:

Only a small proportion of people with the same problem will benefit from these steps. The main culprit is Windows Updates that mess with the battery and there is no way to correct them, even after restoring the settings. The only thing that solved the issue temporarily for me was a Windows update, Sadly, the issue has started again after the latest update.

Ron Johnson says:

Worked for me!

Shubham jaiswal says:

Thank it worked life saver but I have on question what do you mean by discharge and charge 3 times?


I have done this.. But still it's not working, what to do now?? Plezz help

Evil Red says:

The solution in my case was 1. Delete all drivers from Battery folder in Device Manager 2. scan for hardware changes 3. My laptop reloaded and the battery charging started. Asus ROG gl552vw

Midnight Velvet says:


Aundrea wright says:

I don’t understand what he means by recharging my battery three times?

uuvhugo says:

I´ve tried and is not working U_U.

Atchut Usapkar says:

It's not charging

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