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Laptop Battery not charging “plugged in, not charging” Free Easy Battery Fix

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In this video you’ll see a Laptop Battery “plugged in, not charging” free easy fix. Plugin not charging is simple to fix with this free easy battery calibration. A laptop battery not charging fix solution can be done in only a few minutes. Laptop battery not charging while plugged in to AC power is a common problem among laptop owners. However, I show you how to solve it quick and easy. Is this a laptop battery rebuilding project without any special tools? Absolutely!!! This battery calibration will extend your laptop battery life so you can get few more months of battery life extended. So do the easy fix and do a simple laptop battery calibration today.

My video tutorial will help you resolve your laptop battery plugin not charging error or laptop battery not charging fully error message. Get an easy battery fix by watching my video and don’t sweat the how to fix laptop battery not charging problem ever again.


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ZonVict says:

In my case. My laptop is totally shut down. Cant turn it on. Everytime i
try to turn it on, the orange light blinks three times then nothing
happens..im using a Lenovo Z400

CosmicFlare says:

I followed every step, but it still went to “plugged in, not charging”.
What do I do now? :(

Mark7com says:

i did all thinks u said and still not working 🙁 I got my laptop in 2012
that means battery should be good, but I don’t know why not charging

TheSophistiquette says:

Man I could kiss u right now! I almost returned my daughter’s brand new
laptop. Thanks a mil!

SuperBrainAK says:

is there any explanation as to why? im thinking that is is because the
drivers keep track of the batteries capacity and will not charge a “tired”
pack, so uninstalling them would get rid of the “logs” so it doesnt
remember that that is a tired pack, also what does charging and discharging
the pack do for it? i would really like to know why this happens, thanks
for sharing!

Shawn Savage says:

This seemed to work. Doing the charging calibration now!!! Thank you and
God bless, Shawn

Kennynva T. says:

I did this and it would not work for me..I have a hp/Compaq mini 110c, it
shows 98%available(plugged in, not charging) How can this be..??? I have
replaced the individual cells in this battery pack..with known good ones…
So it has to be something to do with the circuit board in the battery
pack..causing windows not to recognize it..right???? I see some battery
packs have a number of charges, counting each time it is charged..how do
you reset that???

Mohammad Mekky says:

Thank you man, this worked. All I was thinking about when my laptop was
opening is “Please,Please,Please,Please,Please Work Internet.

RandomKaos says:

My laptop says that it’s plugged in and charging but it gets stuck at a
certain % (Right now 62%) Is there anything I can do for this? Tried
calibrating but not sure it worked

Jonathan3452 says:

I have a problem with my laptop hp G62 it turns on but sometimes it stays
frozen and just shows the hp logo and sometimes it starts up and works,
also whenever I dont have my ac charger connected to my laptop it wont turn
on unless its plugged in all the time anyone know what the problem is
because I really dont know what might be causing this problem.

kentelove says:

actually my computer says plugged in, charging buts its not charging
because when i plug it out it shuts down it is on 0% does this still help?

Itachi Uchiha says:

help.my laptop is not charging feather than 94%.mean it is not charging

MonkeyVGames says:

How will it turn on without a battery? 

MrGameutopia1 says:

Question: I got this problem yesterday. After I turned off my laptop and
turn it back on, and plug in my AC adapter, it says “plugged in, charging”
Is that ok? I use a Lenovo V570 Laptop. I will try it this if the problem
happens again when I use it. I did decided to not use my laptop for some

Kris Maly says:

Dear Nick steps are awesome but after performing all your steps still my
computer is showing “Battery plugged in, not charging” message. May I know
where I am missing.

Jojo Morris says:

when you say go to room temperature do mean we need to take the battery out
and let it cool? or let it drain and power off due to lack of energy and
let it cool off like that hten charge it back up again?

Ikhmal Haziq says:

what do you mean by completely drain your battery

Razan Ayash says:

help me please
the laptop is charging in the mornig
but now when i used laptop suddenly i see plugged in ,not charging
what i do please give me advice
i use acer laptop 

Che Guerra says:

Thanks dude it really work I really appreciate your work 

Fergclfl RP says:

Darn, I forgot to ask…I have a 10,000 mah battery that takes USB. Is
there such a thing as a cable or adapter that could go USB to Laptop? I
have the Asus M50 S

159cats says:

Well… gave it a try. My brand new laptop was not charging right…
Someone suggested calibrating it. Somehow, I don’t think it’s working… It
still says 0% available (plugged in charging) but it had been saying that
since I got it. It’s an improvement, though. Before it did say (plugged in
not charging.) So far nothing. I guess I will see. Either this works or
it’s going back to the store… And I got my hopes up too…

Aubrey Migashkin says:

I have an asus laptop from 2011. Its starting to not charge unless i hold
the cord tight. I bought a new cord and it still wont charge. I did what
you did in the video and my laptop doesnt even turn on. Any suggestions on
what to do? :)

badgyrl310 says:

How do you drain your battery 3 times? Do you just use it w/o plugging it
to the charger until battery % says 0? Is there a way to drain the battery?

kaoutar Esbayou says:

thanks for the video, but in my case my battery is plugged but not showing
in the task bar ! do you have any idea how to fix it ! ( beside , even if
if i take the ac plug , the laptop still work perfectly but w/ same issue :
the battery is not showing correctly) 

Fergclfl RP says:

I don’t want to exceed my help but…
With the Li ion batteries, is it OK to leave them in, all the time, even
when they’re fully charged? THANKS!

ScOpE KingJ says:

Didn’t work

Yulisa Mata says:

My laptop won’t turn on even with the adapter on?

Anaspankiller says:

didn’t work for me ”consider replacing your battery”

nanotechnolgy says:

Is there a way to power your laptop from battery place like a cable that

colton vanderclay says:

Mine won’t even say plugged in at all!!!

Notradom Wizards Productions says:

What if it doesn’t list the actual batter in the device manager and only
has the ac adapter and the control thing.

joe mama says:

My computer doesn’t turn on if the battery is out, and I tried a different
cable but it still didn’t work

Hawckbane says:

anyone help my battery is ok works fine and the charger but the thing is
that the place of the battery is broken when i attach the battery it falls
immediately i tried duct tape it wont work any ideas? 

Zaki Awisat IV says:

i must do it 3 times ? i did it 1 time then it back to 0 and i did it again
,, so (2 times)
i think i need 1 more time :DD

rami hassan says:

Hi please help me when i start my laptop it goes till the starting window
screen and then restart again everytime i dont know what to do

jessica w says:

worked so far! just have to do the 3x re-charging. thank you :)

Mayra Reyes says:

I have a Lenovo u410 and have the same problem it’s just that I’m not sure
if it’s the charger or the battery, but can I still use it with the charger

ManahilChohan101 says:

Thank you so much

Amirul Akmal says:

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 1440.. Its work for me?? 

James Daniel Miranda says:

I have a question When our laptop is Plugged In Its says it’s fuly charged
then when its plugged off it automatically shut down then it wont open when
not plugged . What will i do ?? It’s a Nec laptop It’s Original OS Was
Windows XP i upgraded to 7 Then 8.1 , Im only 14 years Old ..

luis Pirri says:

Big thanks, after removing the battery over a year ago for not charging,
your solution worked fine, my laptop dv6 3030tx

Duane Rueber says:

None of the things listed on the web helped me at all. Not even this video.
But I DID manage to fix my issue, very easily actually. Thanks for NOTHING
HP! Go into your device manager, open batteries, right click on the second
listing for the Microsoft ACI, click DISABLE. Wait a few seconds (30) right
click on it again and click ENABLE. Bam, fixed! I do not work for HP or any
other computer companies, but I figured out what NONE of them could! Hope
this works for all of you as well. 

Flo Hill says:

ry with my latop thanks

Emani James says:

I got my laptop in 2013 for Christmas and my laptop

Dewas Stha says:

+nickscomputerfix Thanks Man 🙂 

abu bakar says:

thank a lot..

geoffphuket says:

I didn’t expect this to work….and I was correct. LOL
By the way, you don’t need to any of the long-winded procedure you listed
above. Just go to Device Manger from the search box, delete battery drivers
– check for hardware changes…the replacement driver is automatically
loaded because it ‘sees’ the battery that’s fitted. Takes about 10 seconds!

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