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Laptop Battery not charging “plugged in, not charging” Easy fix

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Laptop Battery “plugged in, not charging” is a video that shows you how to do a free & easy battery calibration. Plugin not charging is simple to fix. This laptop battery not charging fix solution is simple to do in only a few steps. This solves the problem that most people come across with their laptop battery not charging while plugged in to AC power. Is this a laptop battery rebuilding project? Just a little bit.

If you have a laptop battery plugin not charging error or laptop battery not charging fully error message than this video tutorial is for you. Get an easy battery fix quickly to this problem. So don’t sweat the how to fix laptop battery not charging problem.

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Cameron Cole says:

Ok but what if my laptop is dead and the charger doesn’t seem to work? I
can’t even get it to turn on, any suggestions? it was working fine the day
before and I didn’t download anything or open anything besides minecraft
and planetside?

TheCasualGamerMC says:

now. before doing this my led next to the ac plug on my laptop was blinking
white, now its red/orange-y and when i click on the battery on the tool bar
the little image of the battery shows up red with a plug next to it and it
says “0% available (plugged in, charging) but its not actually
charging…. what should it do?!

Un1234l says:

How do you INTENTIONALLY let this happen? I want to keep my battery in but
not recharge it once I put in the AC adapter, in order to prolong the
battery’s life.

Surfer669 says:

Thanks to this video, I fixed the problem with my Dell charger to my Dell

AFXsnowman says:

Hello… My laptop’s charger works but in order for it to work i’ve gotta
bend the part where you plug in the charger to the laptop, i can also see
wires and sometimes it sparks up is this bad?, can someone help me?

Beth Davison says:

If really apprichiate If someone could help me.
I’ve had my laptop for over 2 years now and my original charger stopped
I went out to pc world and bought a universal charger, the universal
charger has lasted me about 2-3 months and has now also stopped charging.
I tried doing these steps and nothing has happened.
I have obviously checked it’s plugged into the wall etc.
any ideas? The universal charger was £50 and don’t want to be buying
another one because it is not cheap!

Many thanks 

kad kidd says:

I have an ASUS X200CA that is colored black. Will it work. Im scared. I got
this for my birthday. Runs Windows 8.1.

pt actuba says:

good job!

Shayd says:

My laptop has NON replaceable battery, it’s build in, what do I do next?

Earthgal says:

Sweet thank you. I thought my life was over. LOL I am on a fixed income
right now and don’t have money to go buy a new battery. 

MrPyeAlot says:

Dude all u Have U To Do Is Remove Your Battery Will Plugged In And replug
And BAM Fixed So Yea 

dmob420 says:

my labtop will not turn on with the battery out and the power chord in.
whats wrong, help. p.s the power cable is getting power because the small
box thats on the chord was getting warm after being plugged in for about
half hour. my battery has 2% left help!

Rukon Hassan says:

how can I turn it on if the battery is out?

Charles Shell says:

I assume this works the same on Vista?

PoisonedSound says:

🙁 It didn’t work on my Acer Aspire one D270 

Mya Lake says:

What if y0ur lapt0p is already dead and 0ld? D0es it still w0rk?

Somaligirl1234 says:

OMG, thank you sweetie! Most helpful tutorial I have ever come across on
youtube! :D

videomach1 says:

cool worked for me…


i did all this and its still the same its plugged in not charging 

Cornelius Witherspoon Jr. says:

Did not work on my hp envy

Albert Monteforte says:

This is way too much work to just a charge my freakin laptop. There has to
be an easier solution.

teeonezee says:

Alright! This actually worked! You get a subscribe for that

iLoveFashion62 says:

i don’t understand step 12. i did all the other steps before that but it
still says plugged in not charging and i only have 1% left

Little Lilac says:

The big black thing I have has a wire connected to it and hen all the
sudden it snapped open and it’s still charging what can I do?

Wolf Alpha says:

I’m really terrified about removing my laptop, can I skip the step to
remove it or is it vital?

Chintan Shah says:

This worked for my laptop…thanks!

Anubis says:

*Guys thumb this up so everyone can see* Ive gone back and forth to fix the
same problem except that uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI wasnt working for
me if youre facing the same issue try uninstalling then plugging your
laptop into a different power source and then scan for hardware changes it
worked for me Ive had the original charger all along and my battery is in
pretty good condition, hope this helps 

Hackshaw's Boat Charters says:

Worked for me!

El Allman says:

This was brilliant. Simple and worked perfectly! Thank you!

Andreas Ftellehas says:

Thanks dude you are the best

Erika Dulen says:

Worked perfectly for me. Thanks SO much! :)

Shim Jwa says:

i will wait until my sis come home to do tht to my pc
but i want to ask can tht happen bcoz of the charger? i want to know why
tht happens nd also another question is when its plugged in, not charging
does ur pc do not charge at all? abt my pc it doesnt charge when its open
but when my pc is closed it does charge.

Lisa Shoemaker says:

This worked! Thank you so much!

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