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Know How… 54: How to Fix a Cracked Touch Screen Phone

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Burke McQuinn drops by to show us how to replace the glass on a smartphone.

Find full show notes at http://twit.tv/show/know-how/54


zain ben says:

my nokia c 6 touch is not working how to go about it

ian ntabo says:

thank you it worked.

TheGustaf1010 says:

Advertisement sucks. But very good video.

Karen Keller says:


Ken Komaromi says:

I don’t trust you…

Sarah Leonard says:
victoria manriquez says:

Who has these tools

GSyn eminiDrome says:

So many ads.

Eissa Haidar says:

7:40 guys

Michael Davis says:

I har at least 40 cracks I dropper mine once

ITsystemAssociate says:

How can I determine if the digitizer needs to be replaced?

Jeremy Rumbolt says:

Know How… 54: How to Fix a Cracked Touch Screen Phone

techben505 says:

click on 7:40 to skip to the end of the ad

JC_ says:

An almost 3 minute commercial in the middle of the show?!?!

Dro Simoes says:

I did this on my Galaxy S4 and didn’t know that there was a double sided
sticky inbetween the glass and the sensor too. Once I had the glass off ,
the sticky tape was ruined and I didn’t have another one. Luckily, with the
new glass glued on I was able to replace it using my insurance for a $5
handling fee. However, with the broken glass they wanted $200 for a

MacMike1000 says:

Half the show is on the ads Besoke which 90% people won’t buy, good show

Ace135Trill says:

u r sexi….

thedarkwolf25 says:

This is a great vid, if I break the glass on my Note 2 I now know how to
fix it. Thanks a lot guys!

Sharde Alford says:

Thank you for this video

Tarnus88 says:

Yeah, nice in theory, if you only have a relatively small crack. I once
replaced the shattered glass of an iPhone with a hair dryer. Had to peel
the individual glass pieces of the plastic. I’m never in my life going to
do that again.

Infinimitsu says:

Looks like you got some dust under the glass. Any tips on keeping your work
area as dust free while working as possible?

Bob Decker says:

I’m curious as to the actual elapsed time.

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