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Its missing parts! – Repairing two poorly repaired iPhone 6s

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Not all repairs are done right, So in this video I am going to be fixing two iPhone 6s that were poorly repaired:

●iPhone 6s Plus Space Grey 128GB IOS 11.3.1
Broken front camera + earpiece + missing display bracket and screws.

●iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64GB IOS 11.3.1
Low Quality, Faulty and cracked LCD.
Missing 3D Touch/dust/water seal around the LCD + LCD camera and proximity brackets.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hughjeffreys
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hughjeffreys
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+HughJeffreys


ChrisR knightofraw says:

Like how you bitch about repair shops not putting the adhesive yet you cant even put it on right anyways. Top of phone had no adhesive on it when you slapped together and then just watching you try and put that adhesive on i was like YEA that's why .

Ryan Hermosura says:

Hugh nice vid you really inspire me😃

AMJ06 says:

Do u have specific seller for the screen or use what is available?

the wolf87 says:

Question, I've been having problems with my charging port on my huilwei P10 plus. Would you be able to fix it?

John Nguyen says:

Why do professional repair shops lie…

Alfonso Anthony says:

I wish u can fix my iphone 6 its missing two screws at bottom and it glitches

Carlos 406 says:

Hey can I send you an email of a cracked 6s that I want to buy and fix it, but it’s got this really strange black part on the screen… I wanted to send you the pick and see what you think…

Neel Panchal says:

did you salinge this broken or crashed iphone

koshin abdala says:

Bro do u sell them after u fixed

Eduardo Encarnacion says:

Do you have any tutorials?

Muneeb K says:

How do you ensure the screen is flush against the frame once you “reseal” the phone?

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