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Is Your Gaming Laptop Throttling? How to Know and (hopefully) Fix it!

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Laptops throttle all the time, but you don’t want a laptop that is severely throttling and struggling to maintain base clocks on the GPU. Here’s my guide on how to know if your laptop GPU is throttling and some tips on how to fix it.

Download MSI Afterburner: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/msi-afterburner-beta-download.html

Check your GPU base clock and compare to see if your GPU is performing up to basic limits.

If you’re laptop is temperature throttling:

1) Clean your laptop of dust/debris. Use air blowing to blow out dust. Potentially take bottom cover off and clean fans.
2) Repaste GPU/CPU with new paste or Liquid Metal to reduce temps.
3) Get a laptop fan cooler and place your laptop on that.
4) Undervolt your GPU (Advanced). Link here: https://youtu.be/TpIkYr9aDc8

If you’re laptop is power throttling (like Asus GL504):

1) Make sure you’re plugged into AC power.
2) Check your windows power profile and make sure you are at least on Balanced or Maximum performance.
3) Clean wipe your Nvidia drivers and reinstall latest drivers.
4) Set your GPU to maximum performance in Nvidia Control panel. Click Manage 3D settings, scroll down to “Power Management Mode”, Set to “Prefer Maximum Performance”

If these things don’t fix your issues, then you’ll probably need to warranty your laptop or buy a different one because something is likely wrong with your laptop.


GizmoSlipTech says:

Hopefully this was helpful to you! This is how I quality check the laptops I review to see if their GPU is being throttled. P.S. I'm doing some giveaways. See below.

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nor sultani says:

Boiiii u are getting exposed.1 of the laptops has a 1080ti and a driver version 399.07 And u say a 1070. Just, thats how bad at making content? Now i know why u drop phones out of the sky. If he can delete comments, expect him to delete this.

nor sultani says:

Brother, one of them is a 1080 ti


Using MSI afterburner on the limiter option it always says power when fps starts getting up and voltage when fps very low even though GPU and CPU speed is high almost max. Getting way less fps using rtx 2070 + ryzen 5 2600 + 8gb ram. Is it because of power lim thing?


Holy shit about everything was check on msi afterburner when I went on it

kanwarpal singh says:

My lenovo legion y520 was overheating for a lot of time. Now recently it wasn't heating at all, but it turns out that the clock speed that should be 1500 MHz was stuck at 600MHz. Can anybody give a solution to what i should do about it. I am afraid that the heating might have caused throttling.

billycuth says:

Super helpful man, thanks.

Mirek Zadrozny says:

I didn't even know there is power setting in the Nvidia Control Panel. Now all my issues resolved. Thank you very much.

gamerking27 says:

I have an asus gl703vd and it always thermal throttles and I've tried to underclock it, however, that hasn't work and i don't know what to do

Martin marty says:

great informative video thanks 👍👍👍

John Allen says:

Has anyone tried to return the Asus ROG laptop with voltage throlling issue for a replacement?

Jeff_GP says:

How to clean/wipe Nvidia drivers or software?

LukePlayzz says:

my pc goes to 105c when playing games

Wally Noko says:

Clearly the units have been tampered with. With 'stock' results that bad they won't get pass the quality control. Sheesh what ppl do for views these days.

Jay Howard says:

To be frank I think your asus unit has a problem.

Spud ward says:

Damn I was thinking of getting a gl704 when it comes out.

Demore Gains says:

i will try this on my razer blade 15 1070, very informative video thank you.

Hastear Serwan says:

Gizmo could you review the sager np9877 laptop w/i7 8700k gtx 1080 for 2800$

Adnan Zahid says:

you fucked up the asus laptop in review lol.

cartoon Ayan says:

Pls give some point in fortnite

Akim Eusof says:

I returned my asus gl504 for that same reason. Even my friends 1050's y520 beat the fps of my gl504 at dota. Sucks having such high specs but unable to fully utilize it.

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