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Is the computer repair business dead | 2017 | How To Start A Business Without Any Money Or Capital?

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Is the computer repair business dead | 2017 | How To Start A Business Without Any Money Or Capital?

Is the computer repair business dead? How to start a business without any money or capital? How to start a business?

Those are some of the questions that both myself and many others keep asking me. In the Youtube Video Tutorial, I share with you my tips and strategies on starting your own business, without money or capital.

As for the computer repair business, is it dead? I believe the traditional model of the computer repair business in in fact dead. However, the field of computer repair is very much alive, and if you are able to review your initial business model, and creating synergy with other individuals and companies, there is no reason why you can’t take a chance in the more broader field of computing.

Time Stamps:

00:29 Logo
00:36 About The Channel HealMyTech
00:57 Today’s Topic Video Start

01:05 The Pursuit of Degree – ness: Study For Free & Earn A Living! My Inspirational Story Into Tech

02:00 Difference between self employment & a business

04:17 Playlist Passive Income

05:27 Is the computer repair business dead?

06:18 Never Buy A Laptop! Do This Instead…!

08:02 No its not dead!

08:20 Reasons to start a computer repair business or any other business

12:31 The Secret to Making Money by starting a small business.

11:38 How to Start a Business with No Money

13:12 YouTube Is Broken & Changing! Should You Start A YouTube Channel In 2017?

16:06 The Art Of Asking The Wrong (Tech) Questions – To Respond Or Not

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Nikunj Majithia says:

Fuck windows

Wolverin says:

alsalam alikon wrahmato Allah am Zuher from Libya and am computer guy from fiverr , am muslim and i have offer for your requesالسلام عليكم

glen morheto-nine says:

you locked it down homie…locked it down…cheers

PaulPlays says:

I'm a moderately successful store owner and my business has changed my life. I more or less stumbled upon this video and I must say, it's incredibly insightful:

– The difference between a business and working for yourself.
– The perils of mistaking passion for profit potential.
– The opportunities to diversify and hybridize your business that can come along once you're operational.

Fantastic work, sir. I'm saving this video and I'm going to encourage people to watch it when they ask me about starting a business. Thank you!

ASEM Ayyad says:

Alsalam alikum bro
I have dell t5400 workstation
I went to upgrade this desktop for gaming
32gb ddr2 ram and dual cpu core2quad 3.16
Should I do that ..
Or should I bay a new pc ?

Bader El hayah says:

Hey, i just want to thank you i really learned a lot from this video.

isaac hubbard says:

Great video! I agree with you 100% even though some of your points are painful truths. It would be awesome to see you on podnutz to discuss this stuff further.

janatomy260 says:

Now we need a video about what to do with "junk" electronics and avoiding hoarding 🙂

Stranger says:

Selam brother nice video👍

DragoFTW says:

Amazing video man

Muhammed Seyyid says:

Very good video, keep it up!

Imdad Rashid says:

Great video

H33F4N says:

I Love Your Videos

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