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Is computer repair dead?

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Received a question about the computer repair business.


joe carr says:

The big guys like Office M., B.Buy etc. are getting most of the $$ in that business. It is not what it used to be before!

joe carr says:

what would be that part-time job income? $400-500 a month. How many repairs this represent more or less?

Brian Brewster says:

Some people can't afford to toss a $600 laptop in the garbage every year. In fact, I paid $700 for a Toshiba Satellite back in 2008. This laptop was remarkably rugged and circled the earth not once but twice (China in 2008, Indonesia in 2009). Furthermore, after becoming married in 2010, I donated this to my wife who used this until last year. In those 8 years, I replaced the 2.5" HDD, upgraded the OS from Vista to Win 7-64, and the battery. And the story doesn't end there – as we donated to her her kid sister still attending college in Java 2017, although the keyboard had to be replaced due to a couple missing keys. If you are keen at computer repairs (me), then you can extend the shelf life of most any computer device you have long after they would normally expire.

Bullshido says:

I can't wait to kick your ass. White bitch.

Bullshido says:


Bobby Stamper says:

dude I need to talk to you about something that's been driving me nuts! anyway to pm you! much <3

Steven Jarrell says:

I am so tired of hearing people say "It can't be done" – or it's dead – It Is Not Dead!!… There is always going to be a need for repair people that is for sure no matter where the computer industry goes. You are deflating this guys balloon why?. You are however correct by advising him to keep his current "full time" job until things get going.

I have just recently successfully repaired two computers that "local" pc repair shops said "It Cannot be repaired – you might as well just throw it away," – because they wanted to sell them a new system instead – I fixed one of them for less than half the cost of a new system, and they didn't have to give in to win 10 – The other computer was just given to me, as they took the computer repair shops word for it and bought a new one – I had the laptop that they gave me, and restored back to factory in less than two hours – they could have saved hundreds, as this computer was plenty powerful enough to do what they needed, and it is a shame that the "local" computer shop took advantage of them just because they wanted to sell a new pc instead of focusing on the customers need.

I have also recently just torn apart an iMac 2006 that the customer was willing to pay upwards of 500.00 to be repaired, because of sentiment (which saved them nearly 2000.00 for a new computer) they loved it. I am NOT going to lie to anyone to make a buck. I would much rather repair their computer spending 12 or more hours (for a nominal fee), then try and sell them an overpriced pc with idiotic Windows 10 on it. And speaking of Windows 10, anyone who knows how to repair a pc that has been "forcefully" updated to Windows 10 by Microsoft (actually that is the two I was talking about) and crashed, I truly believe is going to become gold to their community, as there are allot of people that absolutely refuse to switch to Windows 10, and people like me that care about the customer, and their attachment to their computer's will be the benefactors of that windfall, and yes the more research I do on the subject – it Will be a windfall.

If this guy loves working on electronics, and wants to start his own business (as long as he realizes that he probably won't make 1,000,0000.00 doing it – (but then again, he could become the next big chain, as anything is possible) then I say go for it, only don't expect it to happen over night – Follow your dream, get your name out their and quit doing what I did for years (doing it for free because I love doing it so much, as that can kill you before you ever get started), and be your own boss for a change – The money may not be super, but you could actually build it to the point that you are making more than you ever would at a full time job, and even if it just turned out to be comparable, that is fine too because you are doing what you love, and that is the ultimate name of the game… to be happy.

When people tell me it is impossible, that makes me fight even more, and I always come out on top in the end no matter how long it takes – so I say to this guy – Go for it, live your dream, and don't let people shoot you down, so for that reason alone I hope you (the one he is talking about) become a success, and wish you well in your en-devours.

And you are right however about NOT quitting your full time job at first, I already made that mistake. Do the computer repair on the side until you can afford to leave a full time job, as it is always good to have a "just in case," and that is called being sensible.


Kev Zen says:

Micro$oft wants their operating system to break down. They make a lot of money off it, and all the special interest profit.

Kev Zen says:

Computer repair is not dead, but a lot of the jobs will pay you very little, such as $50 for 5-10 hours of work.

The cheap price of computers, is what is killing the repair business. Nowadays you can get a brand new computer for $200, and the price is dropping everyday.

Also, if you want to get into the repair business, you will have to fix smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

What all people in IT need to do, is to embrace fixing software issues for larger clients, such as information security, programming, disaster recovery and prevention, etc. This will require a lot of education, and you will need to work your way up to a decent wage.

HelmetVanga says:

Bestbuy, Radio Shack, Office Depot, Staples stores have stopped retailing computer parts like sound cards, video cards. this just happened beginng Jan 2016. True, it is over over the shelf parts for Desk top computers.

Dale Bond says:

I agree with you and Eli ,wouldn't start a computer repairs business in this day and age, it is dead, I'm thinking of closing my computer shop of 10 years, Microsoft have made it very easy for people to format and look after there own computers, there friends and family know how to repair computers now, anyone can throw a card into a computer with windows 10 it installs itself, xp was the good old days, windows 7 is still by far the best OS I believe and still use, I uninstalled 10 because I didn't like the way things are going, in the next year of so it will become cloud based and I don't want any part of that, don't get into computer repairs there are so many useless repairers our there you have to compete with charging $10 or $20 p/hr on the side and that give the industry a bad name, your flat out making $1000 a week now I would rather work for someone else these days, you don't have the stress and worry of running your own business

dylan urkmezgil says:

good advice

Jonathan C says:

Should I do this? I really enjoy doing PC Laptop, tablet, and phone repairs.

Masterr Laster says:

This is true especially if you look at mobo's these days the ram and cpu have started becoming soldered on to the mobo. (to save money on production.) making them less service-able. Computer repair business maybe dying but those skills learned can be transferred over to other things. Like automotive (using scan tool for diagnosis), appliance repair and general repair of electronics. Most of which would pay more than computer repair these days.

Richard Hill says:

My friends imac 2008 failed on him. The video card went out. He had the solder re-flowed and the imac came back 100%. Total charge was $200 out the door. Will keep you posted on the longevity of that repair.

Bill Baldwin says:

I look back at the dinosaurs of computers that we grew up with in the 80's and even the 90's and I really compare them to today's machines a lot. I look at how unique every system was and independent the software was from the rest of the world. Now they are all vertical steel and plastic (if you are lucky) cases with the same look and feel for the most part inside them, running the same few OS'es. Nothing special or unique, or interesting anymore.

Bill Baldwin says:

Yea makes sence.

Michael Mckeever says:

With Apple it seems to be headed that way.

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