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iPhone repair business

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Learn to earn extra money for your cell phone repair business. We provide you all the tools needed to refurbish cracked cell phone screens for profits. Questions? Sales@Rescuetronics.com Thanks for looking.


Sam sammy says:

You ca separate the glass and the polariser at the same time. If you know where to place the wire

PJamsheed Jamsh says:

am from india

PJamsheed Jamsh says:

how much cost worth this machine ?

Daniel Rodriguez Herrera says:

hi i am interested in starting a business in mexico cellular repair. And I need to complete the Cadre tool to ensure my work, you could help me with that?

How To Repair says:

high technology

phone repair center shop says:

hi, Do you need the flex cable repair machine. We are facotry in Shenzhen China.
My whatsapp is : 0018576756880

Abdul Wahab says:

Need help here, could you please guide me on the following queries
1) the optimum pressure and temperature for lcd laminating machine
2) in 5 in 1 separating machine there is no upper mold ( bezel alignment ) for Iphone 6+ and iphone 5, there is only 5 mold Iphone 4 lower mold,iphone 5 lower mold,iphone 6 lower and uper mold and iphone 6+ lower mold and iphone 4 upper mold is prefixed but why not Iphone 6+ upper mold
3) is it necessary in iphone 6 to put antistatic glue before applying glass

Lee Phoebe says:

Hi , This is Phoebe from HongKong Heeson Electronics Technology Co.,ltd, a factory supplier of phone repair LCD with high quality and best price. We are in great stock of iPhone5series and iPhone 6. Contact me if you need. Whatsapp:+8615171499714 Skype:phoebe120120

Jenny PhoneFixMachineFactory whatsap008615889548883 says:

Hi Do you know most new automatic lcd laminating machine and automatic bubble remover, they are very easy and just need one button you control, all setting already set and only back side can see, whole machine is brief design. We have patent for it. It is most high tech. For more question,welcome to contact us: whatsapp +8615889548883, skype:jenny_5066.wechat:1055425560.

Angelo Lo Vetere says:

for what is the steam air purifier good?

Allen kris says:

we have a better way to refurbish the broken LCD , if you are interested , please contact me , my whatapp:+8613538156910,skype:allen199288 ,.looking forward to your early reply ,have a good time.

Antoinette Williams says:

i think this is what i need my phone was water damaged now everything works but the screen :(

Mac MashPotato says:

This shit is way harder then it looks in the video.

Mehroz Ansari says:

i have 2 mobile phone one is iphone 6 plus / and / 2nd lg google nexus5 & i want to replace their LCD polarizer . can you repair it for me .how money will you take?

Sergei Khan says:

wow i like all your machines

Sergei Khan says:

i have that machine to seperate glass and digitizer but 4 corners that clips and lock its way far up there how can i make it closer to the plate so it will hold the lcd its uyue 948
please advice me

Ferraridude13 says:

Are the refurbed screens available for purchase?

ImmortalTec1 says:

This is by far one of the dopest lcd refurb videos I've seen big ups.

Sergey Sergeich says:

Hello. How do you cope with vertical strips on iPhone 5/5S lcds while refurbishing? 

spazy smalls says:

Would you be able to tell me where you get all of your machinery from ? I'm interested in opening a repair shop in my area 

Ali Pak says:

How much price I went this

Bukk says:

Sad music Bruh Bruh 

jhon jazz says:

Nice Video!!

Jes Wracker says:

you guys buy broken screens? LCD good

Rescue Tronics says:

How we repair cracked screens. We put work into what we do! All Repairs are back by our repair warranty.

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