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iPhone or iPad Not Turning On? How to Fix a Dead iDevice

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If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch shows a black screen and doesn’t turn on when you press any button, you might think that it’s broken and that you now need to replace it. But don’t panic. There are lots of things to do to fix your device. And usually, there is an easy solution.

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My iPad will not turn on: How to fix a dead device

FOR RECOVERY MODE: http://appletoolbox.com/2013/09/ios-everything-dfu-recovery-mode/

FOR DFU MODE: http://appletoolbox.com/2013/09/ios-everything-dfu-recovery-mode/

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Sonja: Hi, Sonja from Apple ToolBox here with you today.

Sonja: I’m talking about a nightmare scenario. You press your iPad’s or iPhone’s power button and…NOTHING! Oh my goodness, what to do? How do we NOT panic?

Sonja: I’m happy to report that there are quite a few things we can do before we run out to our local Apple Store with our iDevice emergency.

Sonja: First things first

Sonja: This probably is obvious to all but I’m saying it anyway. Make sure your iPad or iPhone really IS off. Press and hold the power button—you might just see the apple logo, which means everything is kosher. Cool!

Sonja: If that doesn’t help, maybe your iDevice simply needs charging. Connect it to the charger for at least 1 hour and then try powering up.

Sonja: If nothing still happens, make sure it’s not your charger. Borrow someone’s charger and see if that solves your problem.

Sonja: If that still isn’t working for you, take a close look at your charging port. Is it dirty or greasy? If that’s the case, your iDevice may not be making contact with the charger. So clean both the port and the cable with a Q-Tip.

Sonja: Just be very gentle when cleaning. You can use a drop or two of rubbing alcohol on the Q-Tip. Make sure both the port and cable are dry before reconnecting. Once dry, plug them in. Maybe a clogged port was the problem.

Sonja: Okay, let’s say none of these solutions has worked so far. So let’s try a reset. Press and Hold the power button and the home button for at least 15 seconds. If this works, the apple logo will appear. You may need to try this a few times.

Sonja: If you’re getting a message that says “Connect to iTunes” and nothing else, you need to put your iDevice into Recovery Mode. Look below in the description for a link to an article outlining how to do this.

Sonja: If that doesn’t help, don’t give up! Let’s try and connect it to a computer and see if iTunes recognizes the iPad or iPhone. If iTunes recognizes the device, you should really consider performing a Restore.

Sonja: If iTunes doesn’t recognize the iDevice, try putting it into DFU mode. To learn more about DFU, check the link in the description to our article. It provides a step by step tutorial.

Sonja: If nothing worked, try connecting to a different computer. It should have the latest version of iTunes installed before you try to connect your device to it. Fingers crossed that this one worked.

Sonja: If you are still stuck with a blank screen and a nonresponsive iDevice, the time has come to visit or call your local Apple Store. At this point, it could be your device needs a battery replacement or something more serious.

Sonja: I hope it doesn’t come down to going to Apple Support, but if it does, you are in good hands. And hopefully your iDevice is still under warranty.

Sonja: Let us know in the comments if you like this. Also, check out the links in the description to our articles for more tips on Restoring your iDevice and working in DFU mode.

Sonja: Thanks for watching this video and remember to subscribe to Apple ToolBox to get all our latest videos.

Sonja: I’ll catch up with you later!


steve dental says:

I just want to tell everyone something I found out about my ipad and it not charging . You might want to try another power cable cord before you go taking the ipad apart .

I have a long cord and a few shorter cords . The longer cord is a smaller gauge wire than the shorter cord . I never let my battery go completely dead but one night while chrome casting a movie I fell asleep and it went completely dead . I plugged my long cord into the ipad to charge it back up and it wasn't charging the battery . I left it plugged in all day and the only thing I could see on the screen was a picture of a battery with a red line on the bottom of the battery .

I went and got my wife's ipad and plugged it into the cord and it showed the battery charging . So I thought it was something not working inside the ipad . I was about to give up and send the ipad out to get fixed or buy a new battery .

I thought what the heck I will try another cord to see what would happen. Sure enough the thicker gauge wire cord started the battery charging . I waited till the battery was at 40% and I switched back to the thinner cord and it continued to charge the battery .

So for some reason if the battery is completely drained the smaller gauge wire was not sending enough power to the battery to start the charging . The smaller cord will charge the battery if its not completely dead ,but if its completely dead it won't start the charging cycle .
So try a short thick gauge cord if you let your battery go completely dead before you go taking the ipad apart . I didn't think the gauge or length of a cord would make a difference but it does . I hope this helps someone .

Khael Storm says:

0 charge. how the hell i can get it to recovery mode

Surn Zxrc says:

My iPhone was at 53% then all of a sudden it didn’t turn on. Thanks

Michayla Arts says:

OMG thanks so much! This saved my life! That same thing happened to me when it was charging and would not turn on so I did what you did and I'm glad it worked! Thanks you!!!

ashlee howell says:

you are so nice keep on doing your awesome work i will try your stuff but my iphone screen is black but it still recives messages and calls but nothing goes on the screen also it can charge thx so much for the suggestions

Aoife Roberts says:

thankyou very much this was very helpful xoxo :p

Lina Boulkhrif says:

Thx my ipad does work

TRK387 says:

Ok… I have one for this lady or anyone who thinks they are an APPLE ipad or iphone tech guru.

Have an ipad (newest gen) turns on (to the apple logo) the screen flashes and then goes completely black. Tried hooking it up to itunes, (nothing) reset, hold this button that button, (nothing) NO form of trouble shooting will work. Before it went into a coma (I am praying it can be brought back) it did say " This device is disabled " and then nothing. ANY help would be appreciated… t

CHEAT says:

None works! But guys believe my step!
1. Throw your phone!
2. Buy a new iPhone

Daisy Barbaira says:

Guysd I opened my ipad it showed the wallpaper and theres no apps. I opened it without password what would I do.. Please answer😢😢😢

The BaTMaN says:


Pro Bro says:

Mine says that it is dead and then it won't turn on but when I try like 30 chargers then it turns on and is 100%

Sara Nadeem says:

My iphone6 is not bork nothing but its not turn on can you halp me

EliMonsta G says:

anyone have the problem where your iPad will turn on but its just a slightly lit black screen. i can turn it off and on but the actually screen won't show anything. all it does is slightly brick ten the screen ;(

Ruby Magdalene Acol-Acol says:

my home button is broken. That's the reason I can't connect it to itunes because I have a passcode

David E says:

If you had not said to hold it for 15 seconds, I would have given up much sooner. Thank you!

NETVO TV says:

How to recover the data?

tondoff says:

You are not serious. clean the ELECTRICAL connection with a cotton tip. from which fairytale forest do you come. what she actually says we add more dust in it and take the risk of short-circuiting on the bargain    fine technician   but not

alannah_ slayzz says:

Yes my charge port mad dirty I was like…….. Wtf

Shweta Oberoi says:

I hope it Work’s🤞

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