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IPhone iPad iPod connects to wifi but not internet fix.

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Subscribe for Subscribe let me know in comments! After updating IOS a lot of folks connect to wifi but still can’t connect to internet. This is a simple fix to the problem. Enjoy!


Good Boy says:

thanks your an angel😍😍

Abhinav Masalia says:

Thanks for this!! Worked like a charm

DeVilFrUiT EaTeR360 says:

This is really helpful thanks a lot sir

Darionthetruth says:

My phone doesn’t show this

Darionthetruth says:

Lol mans showed his IP address

EveryStep says:


Adel A. says:

Am surprised it worked , Thanks a lot

Daksh .G says:

Dude you are the bes

crusty joker says:

U are a legend

Chris Mmm says:

Had this problem for a whole year. Had to turn off my WiFi at home to do anything. Gave this a go and so far so good. Thank you so much 🤙

charity charity says:

This worked for me thank you so much. Havent been able to use my ipad for a year. Thank you sm xoxo.

m mcfar says:

did NOT work for me. Date/Time is correct–still same message-from safari.

SpecTruM_Snake says:

Didn’t work, time to search for another hour

SomeAsianLisper says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cesar Manduca says:

Work really well for us. I can't believe the whole system crashes cause of that. Thanks, Michael!

GooseyChan says:

I'm connected, my date is automatically set to current time and I have no vpn configurations.
Anyone else go some solutions?

Kernuf says:

Wow thanks a lot !! This helped big time

devin itschner says:

delete this vid you showed your ip

Otiwato says:

Ok it works but just set ur time to ‘set automatically’ and it should work fam

Srikanth Birdaraju says:

wow!! such simple…. its works

TechMuchHD says:

Bro… thank you so much, I’ve had my old iPhone and I haven’t been able to use it on the wifi at all and it don’t have service but this fixed it. Thank you I wish I found this like a year ago

princess_ slime112233 says:

Thank you i subscribe

V e r o n i c a says:

It doesn’t work

Kevin Wang says:

Omg tysm tysm tysm tysm tysm I subbed to u omg tysm tysm

A_Man11 says:

i have a iphone 4 that this is happening too and its not the date

lil biscuit says:

thanks man this was the only video that worked

Naughty Cuber says:

worked perfectly 👍

VinceA5510 Mv. says:

I don’t even have the internet to watch this video

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