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iPhone: Fix Touch Screen is not Responding Properly

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See why and how you can fix the touch screen is not responding properly on the iPhone.

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Cathy BT says:

Thank you for these instructions. It worked for a little while but its back to not responding and streaks from what was displaying on the screen. Is there anything else I can do?

jaingxu says:

thanks for this video.  now if I can just get a suction cup thingamabob

Laval Da Gamer LDG says:

For me, my problem is the screen not responding properly, it randomly taps everywhere on the screen when i touch it.

TheGameShake says:

TGS log 12:55. gonna try this as soon as i come home, stay active for more.

Osvaldo Cortez says:

thank you so much ! I was about to give up on the new screen i put on my phone but this helped alot :)

Colin Long says:

That's so bull the first time he swiped was in the middle . The second time was on the bottom ware you should do it any ways

michioro64 says:

Thanks bro! I fucking broke my phone 😉 Thanks so much

Explor says:

my iphone screen does not work at all

Saiful Bahrun says:

why did it come back like that again??

Saiful Bahrun says:

its workkkkkk thnks bro!

HitlerJokesDaily iFunny says:

Im usually afraid to take out the SIM card yet alone perform a surgery on my phone lmfao

carlos skullward says:

well to me before i even cracked the screen it didnt work everytime i clicked the screen it says i clicked the top corner so i let it pass for 5 days and started working again so now my phone cracked and the same touch problem started

MattyStreamsHD // PS4 Streams says:

Would this fix a problem when the iPhone does whatever it wants or is there a hacker on my phone???

Gurdeep Aulakh says:

Cant thank you enough to this person from the video. Just found this video as I was panicking that I may have broke husbands phone 🙁 …My phone wasnt even turning off, used your method and it worked!!!! Thanks alot

RadicalXgamer says:

It's because that's a fake IPhone

Samantha Marriage says:

how do you expect people to see with you hand in the way the entire time

Dharhel Gapit says:

iPhone Fix Touch Screen is Not Responding

abdul siddique says:

hi i m also use i phone 5s last 4 month
and my experience is for this device,
this device is very badly working
1. phone is very heated use with mobile data
2.touch screen problem
so i m not like this device iphone 5s

Littler Gamer says:

My brothers screen changes colores


Thanks so much, fixed my phone :)

Erinn Adriana says:


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