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iPhone DRY ICE Screen Repair!! ‘Glass Only’

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‘Just the Glass’ repairs are tempting because they usually cost less than 10 dollars…. Which is just the price of the piece of glass and LOCA glue. THIS PROCESS WILL NOT WORK FOR SAMSUNGS – the glue is different.

Normally when a repair technician attempts a ‘glass only’ screen repair on an iPhone 4, 5 or 6. They have to use super expensive equipment, OR get a heat gun and try not to burn their fingers while they remove the glass on 200 degree iPhone part.

Luckily you can work with dry ice at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum with the same (if not better) results! Dry ice can remove the glass on your iPhone faster and safer than extreme heat!

HERE is the iPhone 6 GLASS ONLY video at 8:20: https://youtu.be/z9drzO9hO_U?t=8m20s

Here is the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c, GLASS ONLY video at 4:00: https://youtu.be/L_kCY05jR10?t=4m

Check your sanity levels before attempting this repair!

The current price of FULL iPhone 5 screens: http://bit.ly/21IJ7J8

The current price of FULL iPhone 6 screens: http://bit.ly/1Qtaaks


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DCSt90j says:

I thumbed up because I enjoy oxygen

Jimmy James says:

Available at most grocery stores??? yeah right!!!

Akhil v says:

awsom man lvu

Iz Abbas says:

Does the Glass only replacement have better result (though more painful) than LCD replacement from OEM part due to quality difference?

elijah jolly says:

thank you. first thing that popped into my head? an 'anti-griddle' for the same effect as the freeze separators. i actually was pondering this with dry ice, and saw this vid. purchasing the glass, the glass/digitizer assy, and trying this first. if i break it, ill have the whole assy to just flat out replace. thank science for sublimation.

thank you, JRE. youve got a new subscriber, which you are my first.

Sherry whatsapp 008613590435258 LCD repair machine says:

coollllll , Dear Jerry, if you need freezing separator, just contact with me at any time. have a nice day^ ^

Shawn Sluys says:

does this work with any phone or jsut iphones for exp can i do this with a lg g3 screen?

Vikingen says:

can´t you do this to remove the backs on the S7? or is that a diffrent glue?

Jason Nvm says:

thats fine piece of work, i remember i break the iphone5 display off from broken glass by only using hairdryer and razorblade, it was functional, then… i trashed it…

AS Handy Reparatur Nürnberg says:

did you try this with Samsung s6 s7 edge lcd bro ?

Bardi Zied says:

your iphone 6 digitizer was cracked during the process ! you didn't use it for the test !

josef vopinka says:

If you had a cheap vacuum unit or build one with no heater cool the glass place on vac unit pull the wires and your done . Saves breaking the lcd because that will get brittle to. The cooldown is a great idea . I am going to build one that will be 12×12 inches with multiple holes with rubber plugs , remove the plugs you need for the size of the screen your working on. Samsung ,apple, ect, anything with a glass laminate. will show you when it's done.

Nikita Zagorodniy says:

Will it work for the 6s plus?

Latora Beacham says:

how to fix a LG phone the model is LS740

Juan Issa says:

nice video, thanks to show. You mention the care at fit the new glass with the loca glue, by my experience is difficult to avoid enter the glue between LCD and backlight, have you a video how you do it?


it worked the suscribe button works thank you very much

Azeem Moh says:

Jesse pinkman ???

Travis D. Williams says:

LOL @2:40

OnO IVI says:

1:27 about a week ago abot a weeek agoooooo!

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