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iPhone 7 Teardown – Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement

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This Video is Disassembly in Brand New iPhone 7…Hahah What’s inside of The Phone…..Display USB C Port and More Review…???….See This Video and Subscribe My Channel……………Thx For Watching


IAmmeXXii says:

Y'all have some bad luck if you need to fix your phone lol

Viktor Šima-Juriček says:

how do i repair the 3,5mm jack connector ?

Reynaldo E. Rhodes says:

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Mohammad AL-HAMDANI says:

Stole the video it's not his

Misss Marlene says:

Samsung gang from now on

Pulse Fadez says:

I dropped my phone and scuff the whole back side of the phone and the sides but not the screen, is there a way to replace it?

jamy bricks says:

can you use an iPhone 7 battery with an iPhone 6/6s?

Vitaly S says:

I love apple product for one reason,i watch all flagman smartphone samsung s7,s7 edge note 7, htc m10,huawei p9. nexus phones.lg
tierdown but only iphone have inside aestetic looking inside the phone.its so quality harmonic beoutiful.

Kaiden Artura says:

Couldn't Apple have put a waterproof battery flap (with a rubber o seal) at the side of the phone, so you could just pull the battery out?

Munadil Yarid says:

really ? lol

eduardoig17 says:

no sound????

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