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iPhone 6s WiFi Module Repair Tutorial

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Many people have experience of an unstable Wi-Fi connection or not able to connect to Wi-Fi network at all. Don’t worry. Here we have the solutions for the WIFI module repair which can repair WIFI connection failure problem in 8 minutes by replacing the WIFI module.

Tools and materials links:
1. PCIE Hard Disk Repair Tool: https://goo.gl/XPRtr7
2. Hot Air Gun with Electric Soldering Station: https://goo.gl/4FlDP0
3. PCB Holder – Type 2: https://goo.gl/5fzLmS
4. 100g Solder Wire – Type 1: https://goo.gl/y7oP50
5. Insulation Mat for Maintenance Platform: https://goo.gl/sRzqYj
6. Soldering Paste 50g – Type 1: https://goo.gl/SkW5LI
7. Apple iPhone 6s IC Solder Repair Plate BGA Tencil: https://goo.gl/3Og08G
8. 1.5*25mm Philip Screwdriver – Type 1: https://goo.gl/2zpDWl

For more: http://www.rewatechnology.com



I was removing the IC from the wifi, and ended up leaving the connectors that should be fixed on the board, how can I solve it?

maho hakikikan says:

from where can i buy solder iron tip for Atten 8586? i have buy some different types from aliexpress but all bullshit bad quality… can u recommend a seller with good tips ? thanks

Hanane bensalem says:

You replace the wifi module ok but why you touch the hard drive ??

OK - CENTER says:

Красиво делаете, нам понравилось. Мы тоже стараемся красиво снимать

johnfl21 says:

friend can you explain me the difference between 339S0228 & 339s0242
chips? My motherboard chip write 339S0228 on it, it is an iphone 6
model. If i replace the chip with 39s0242 it will work properly or not? I
would appreciate if you could help me and solve this question and buy
the right chip to work with my model. Thank you!!!

Vasudev Bhat says:

Fake this wifi ic has already Been removed and then realigned what about the underfill epoxy that apple is famous for glueing the components on the pcb which takes hell lot of effort and skill to remove the smd chips without damaging both the board and chip it's not as easy as you are showing it here like heating and lifting the chip with ease

Mr Quốc Trần says:

nhac hay qua

maho hakikikan says:

how can i know if my atten 8586 is original or fake ? i have also the same machine but solder iron with 390c bad solder quality. … how much celcius temperature u recommend for atten 8586 solder iron ?

maho hakikikan says:

what for a tempearature soldering iron used in this video ?

redah james says:

hi as a viewer i want to know how you came about changing these ic is it a situation where you choose any random 1 and change

Samsky Rocket says:

Good job. Even the Apple store are not skilled enought to do this. They tell you to buy a new iphone. Bend over and screw you in the A$$..

Jorge Pina says:

Hello! To change the chip wi-fi you need to up the nand flash and need the tool programmer? I already change wifi on iphone 6 and don't need, or now it's need? Thanks

Pero says:

Do you have mail-in service for iphone 6s wifi replacement? Wifi chip gets extremely hot burning. How much approx to fix

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