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iPhone 6 Take Apart Repair Guide – RepairsUniverse

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http://www.repairsuniverse.com – RepairsUniverse shows you how to completely disassemble your new iPhone 6 smartphone with this Official iPhone 6 Take Apart Repair Guide Video. The instructions we have provided will also show you step by step how to replace the LCD and touch screen digitizer assembly on the Apple iPhone 6 along with any other internal components that may have become damaged or faulty. Be sure to visit RepairsUniverse.com to learn about the various iPhone 6 replacement parts and repair options we offer, all which will help get your Apple smartphone working like new again quickly, and affordably! With our DIY iPhone repair kits and comprehensive teardown guides we can help walk you through the complete repair process. If you do not feel comfortable doing the repair yourself- don’t worry. Contact one of our skilled repair technicians at 866-925-2350 and they will fix your device for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for numerous DIY smartphone and tablet HD repair videos.

Find high quality iPhone 6 replacement screens and parts at RepairsUniverse.com: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/iphone-6-screen-replacement-parts.html

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Enigma Harlequin says:

no video tells you the MOST important thing…what size is the frigg'n screwdriver so you can open the dang thing!!

Ross Nam says:

нагревать батарею феном? ебанутый

Richard Whittemore says:

good clear instruction…great

Munther G-mail says:

can i extend the camera cable to the outside of the phone with about 4 feet ..?

ScoonieX wade says:

the Front Screen and the actual video display screen are broken how do i search those parts? all i find is front screen replacements….but i need the screen that actually displays the video

lrjd3 says:

Whats the piece by the camera called at 8:18? That ground strap thing? Whats it do and will it fit anyway or can it only go back in one way

Anibal Parra says:

I lost the wafer backplate in my backyard

Sneak Thief says:

You should have disconnected the battery first before disconnecting the LCD digitizer… Also you should NOT have used a blow gun AT ALL on the battery. You also fail to mention to be highly observant when removing screws: a lot of them look the same but are completely different, you have to make sure to put them back EXACTLY in the same spot. In all honestly this guy in the video somewhat knows what he's doing but is no professional by any means

Nicolas R says:

Worked great, replacing the front LCD went by smoothly. Nice instructional video.

Joe says:

anyone trying to follow this guide, beware. i've read that damage can be done to some of the componets of the phone if you do not put each individual screw back to the exact hole it can out of. this video fails to mention this.


I followed this guide, opened phone no problem, replaced a part no problem. Closed it up, turned it on, no problem. I noticed it began to get very hot even when screen was off. Turned it off, set it aside. Now when attempting to turn it on, no display. Plugged it into a charger, nothing. Thoughts or advice?

Jay Mcmahon says:

I'm having issues with my gps on my phone I've tried everything I can think of short of doing a reinstall on the phone. Do you think replacing the wifi antenna maybe the cause. Someone else suggested it, that's why I'm asking?

ProvocatuerBarbie25 says:

you should put a link /instructions guide in the box w purchase- way overpriced btw

Steven G says:

It's incredible how high the quality is the camera for how small it is! Imagine the possibilities for spies.

Warren Ross says:

I would appreciate little details like the metal plate that covers the connections for the screen, the middle screw is slightly longer I think and the screw closest to the top right corner of the phone is a lot longer than the rest.

Muhammad Usman says:

great work man can you do the same with htc one m8 please sir

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