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Iphone 6 plus touch disease ic simple fix

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In this video I demonstrate how to fix the touch ic (touch disease) issue with the iPhone 6 plus using a nano sim card. Any questions, feel free to ask.


Dana Muñoz says:

Has anyone tried this

Taj Williams says:

up and running. respect from Jamaica

Asher Lego Films says:

it didn't work

Jaguar Balotelli says:

Merci tande

Bikerdiverdave says:

Great! it worked for me. I used a small piece of card. Happy Days!

Mr guapirriss says:

Fuck you niga

Anthony Davis says:

If you really want a easy fix put a dent on the screw plate, done in under a minute lol

Shay Kelly says:

Tried this on an iPhone 6 and it works. Thanks.

David Vo Cecilia Tustin CA says:

Yes It worked well for my case/ Thanks

ceykids says:

Yes, it works. Thanks

Brian Delacruz says:

Thanks bro so i have an idea to fix my iphone 6 plus i will try it.

pearl dans says:

It worked! Thanks!

TrillionAIREST says:

Almost 2 years later i just did this fix and it works like a charm , you good in the hood man lol

tthegit says:

I can’t believe this worked!! My phone has been sitting in a drawer for over a year because of this. Everyone told me not to bother fixing it because it will come back. Now that my sons phone broke I thought I’d give it a shot. Took five minutes and work perfectly. You are a lifesaver!

vinay baniwal says:

Thank you so much bro I really appreciate your work. your are the best in the quick solutions for technologies.

Keaja Alexander says:

Will this fix ghost touches

Laurent D says:

thank you very much , it's very easy to repare and it works 🙂

Adrian Paul Diongzon says:

how did you open the iphone into two?

gmi mtm says:

thanks menn god bless you my menn

Berto Negron says:

Im not sure whats wrong with the bottom of my iphone what should i do?

Krishna Chaubey says:

Arif is this permanent solution or temporary??

Gary N says:

Just did this. Iphone 6 plus. IT WORKS!!! The screen was unresponsive, Siri worked and the screen would work at times. But this really worked! THANKS!

Chee Fai Cheng says:

This works on my phone. Thanks!

asfia82 says:

thank you sir,its work like a charm

Devo Dar says:

Just wanted to post yet another very happy iPhone 6 owner that did this trick. iPhone Ordered a tool kit from amazon $8 and did the fix. When I first started it up for the first time the phone was flickering, I tapped it and it stopped… now it’s been working GREAT!!! Thank you buddy, I wish I could buy you a beer 😎🤠

Francis Meso says:

Thanks i fix mine with this method
Thank You so much Brother.


In the same day i see that there are around 4-5 people fixing the same problem😂 The world is a big place also It Worked! Omfggg!~


I instead of putting the nano sim card i put a little piece of folded paper and screwed it on tightly, i have ip6+ for almost 4 years and it starts happening like that very lately. Thanks you for your great idea! It’s amazingly working now, till i get the next phone. Thanks you so much sir.

Simon Dalling says:

I found a nano SIM a little too thick, used the same sized piece of cardboard cut from a Frosties packet. It was Great! Too say I am happy is a understatement, you are a genius.

Lindsey Murphy says:

Legit just did this. It works. Thank you. I used folded electrical Tape and took about 10 minutes tops Thanks saved my phone.

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