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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Shown in 5 Minutes

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Lets face it… Everyone breaks their screen at some point. With a phone as BIG as the iPhone 6 plus, it just is easier to break! Luckily it is a relatively easy thing to fix. With a little help from this video you will be on your way to a repaired phone.

The best advice I can give is GO SLOW and be careful! Keep your screws organized!

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scuteman says:

Where's the best place to by a ne glass?

Dylan Barreras says:

after i finished replacing my screen my front camera was just black. when i open snapchat and try to switch to my front facing camera it just switches back to the back camera instantly… ive tried checking the connection and checking the camera but cant find the issue. i even bought a new front camera and tried replacing it but that didn't work either. do you have any solutions?

marlo romo says:

i can't remove one of my screws to the phone after i i take the screen off. the screw I'm taking about are the ones on the sides of all phone. how do i remove screw if it is stuck

Ms Frantic says:

lol I'm a dumbass I broke my phone

Ben Miles says:

Thanks Jerry. AU$70 for a screen off eBay rather than $250, plus fuel and time, to get Apple to do it. Looks a lot harder than the 4's I have fixed before but my screen is pretty wrecked unfortunately so it needs to be fixed asap.

Emily Thompson says:

Anyone in Mn wanna replace my screen? ?

taabar says:

Is it not needed to unplug the battery before replacement?

Kaitlynn Johnson says:

My phone is an iPhone 6 Plus and it was an old phone of my aunts and she dropped it in the ocean and I got the screen replaced. My Touch ID doesn't work. And hasn't since I got it replaced. And now yesterday I dropped my phone and the screen is cracked, and my phone wants to charge when I mess with it… any suggestions as to what is wrong with it?

Eigdooog says:

Second time watched due to smashing my screen 2 weeks after fitting a new one. Great video and very clear! Even though i lost 2 screws =D

Erick Acevedo says:

what a great video! thank you so much i fixed mine with no issues what so ever! i only lost 4 screws lol

Nate Turpin says:

if the phone is slightly bent will it affect it?

Dean Rankin says:

was that the screen or the screen and LCD. I need LCD fixed on mine heard its actually easier to fix the whole screen than just to fix the front screen only as it means taking off a lot more parts and using heat gun etc. thanks

Sohail Sarwar says:

Hi Jerry, I have followed your video to replace my screen. But when i tried to turn it on, nothing happened. Then I put back the old screen to check if the new screen i bought was spoiled but now the old screen isn't working too. No power… Need your urgent advice. Thanks.

Jackie Miller says:

Thank you very much! Totally worked and my new screen is on and works great!


I just replaced my screen following the tutorial but now my phone wont turn on. DO you know why this happens and/or how can I fix it?

Todd shapiro says:

I have to iPhone 6 plus's. One fell in the pool and one has a cracked screen. Can I use the screen that was in the pool on the body of the one that only had a cracked screen?

Fabio Ornelas says:

Thanks for the instructions. my iPhone looks like new again ! Mahalo from Hawaii

Christopher Sauerbrei says:

I fixed my iPhone 6 plus screen and now my home button isn't working… everything else is. Any suggestions?

Mona Sen says:

iPhone repair in Kolkata? can anyone help?

Favbeagle says:

Worked great, thanks!

Rudy Diaz says:

How much do you charge to repair an iPhone 6 plus? I live in Chatsworth, CA

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