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iPhone 6 Plus | How to Fix Vertical Blue Lines | Unresponsive Screen not responding

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How to Fix Vertical Blue Lines on iPhone 6 Plus | Unresponsive Screen | White, Blue & Black Lines in Easy Steps.
Things you need to open:
Things you need to open: You can buy here LINK:http://amzn.to/1NWYWWa
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Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Straight Screwdriver
Suction Cup

5.5 Inch Iphone 6 Plus White Front Outer Lens Glass Screen Replacement CrazyFire? Repair Kit Include Screen Lens Glass+1MM Adhesive Tape+Tools Kit+1 Pair Tweezers+1 Roll Gold Wire Screen Seperator –
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DIY instructions:
100% success after screen goes bad (unresponsive) it took me about half hour to find out the problem and then I fixed it.
Phone is working flawlessly after the repair.
Please check #3 cable it could be gotten lose with handling of daily use so now it’s probably not seated properly. You always can troubleshoot it I mean check by pressing it from top with thumb lightly to see if the lines do disappear, if it does then your cable needs to be seated properly #3. If the lines remains there no change with pressing from top then you need to inspect your pins on #3 may be bent or broken solder joints. This could be inspected with magnify glass or microscope because with naked eyes it’s hard to spot.

You have nothing to lose, if your screen is similar to mine then please follow the video and do exactly as I have shown, good luck and please share the results.
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Easy Steps

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LooseKanin says:

You saved my dad's phone bless your soul

Your friendly Elder says:

My iPhone stop working now..

Jovin Japson says:

my iPhone is not working it's black line almost all screen!!wat can I do? I need to change the screen?

Dhiraj Ghimire says:

i tried but now my phone is completely dead
please help me

Enzo Pianelli says:

Awesome!! Thank you.

labastidaivonne says:

Where you get tiny tools cause I can't find it ugh

Slime Museum says:

Every time I try filming a video, I watch video and green and purple lines show up and itโ€™s soooo weird and I took my phone case off and it didnโ€™t help!

Vishal Singh says:

my iphone 6 Reballing iPhone 6 U3 Display IC 65730A is not working plz help me easy steps

Zanther Stone says:

I originally only had one faint yellow line on the left side of the screen (not ranging the whole way, just part of it) with left side of screen not being responsive except after I put it to sleep and then woke it again (then would last for maybe a minute). After this, I now have the exact blue vertical lines (about four of them) going from top to bottom. Basically, the problem you were trying to fix in the first place in the video. Re-tried it. Everything EXACT. But won't go away. Also looks kind of pixelated now. Suggestions anyone?

E&C Studios says:

Mine has a black line that keeps growing and likes

Syclick says:

What if my screen has technically every color in the rainbow?
Edit: And more.

Shardaee Smith says:

come fix my phone

SeKeLuS says:

it worked thank you!

Johnny Wilson says:

I just fixed my phone after watching your video and it works great. Thanks

nitish bhatia says:

But what to do if the issue not resolved

Monika Hahaha says:

Why don't you find a video were other phones have vertical lines on the screen..just iPhone ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Sibi Abhimanue says:

Hi, I have broken my screen, it has this broken blu e line display, can the screen be replaced

Kylie Hernandez says:

your voice is annoying

Clorox Bleach says:

My phone screen is half black with horizontal lines so like I can only see 1 half of the screen will this work to fix it??

Zaklamp says:

I did this and it worked but now, about a week later it happened again and now I can't fix it anymore.. Anyone knows what I should do now? Otherwise I will either buy a new screen or a new phone. I'm getting tired of this apple shit..

Blake Hackwood says:

Mine doesnt do the exact thing but it's just lines and changes and the screen is very white and washed out but i can still see do you think this will work?

Arusha Hossain says:

i dropped my iphone 6s and whenever i turn it off and then turn it back on the lines gets worse and the whole screen turns white and has more lines but when i keep it on it slowly gets better ( still white and has colored lines though) but my screen is working i can open apps and take pictures still and i can even text, so should i still do this?

Ay Bih says:

"Issa dead" ๐Ÿ’€ he says

It's just Bri says:

My phone has a lot of lines in it it's the iPhone 6 I really miss it so I'm using a iPhone se

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