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iPhone 6 Keeps Restarting? – Fix Error 9 14 40

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More and more people reported that their iPhone stuck in a restart loop. The phone continuously restarts and became totally unusable, the Apple logo appear and disappear, over and over again.

Does your phone ever meet this common problem which drives you crazy? Watch our video to get it fixed now!

1.Prepare a new 64GB NAND flash memory chip.
2.Error 21, 9, 2009, 4005, 14, 40 indicate NAND flash or CPU malfunction.
3.You may need to repair the CPU if the phone still keeps restarting after the NAND flash chip is replaced.

Tools Used:
64 Bit Nand Flash Memory Chip Programmer: https://goo.gl/H23N4U
Mobile Phone Repair Platform: https://goo.gl/C9JNsq
Digital Multimeter: https://goo.gl/11qAki
Electric Soldering Iron:https://goo.gl/xZPAeL
Hot Air Gun:https://goo.gl/I1dvws
PCB Holder:https://goo.gl/e0DkZi
Screwdriver: https://goo.gl/u86I98
Tweezers: https://goo.gl/z6b3Gu

REWA Blog: http://blog.rewatechnology.com/
REWA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewatechnology/


Markovic Dejan says:

What is the name of this song which is playing in backround?

Ondrej Cifra says:

Hello Rewa, just to ask you.. when you program new NAND chip – it is necessary program also the logic board number to new one ? I thought that only serial number is enough. Thanks for reply

Wiktor Buczak says:

What if the only things I have is set of screwdrivers and patience?

SR CREAtion says:

Rewa , I did this step but still i have the same problem of error 9 so what the next step of removing the error

tinkerbread says:

how can I even fix my phone when I don't have the tools

Seong Hong says:

Is it okay if I just reball the NAND instead of replacing it? Don't have the right equipment to write to new NAND

En So says:

My problem is you can restore it,after you use it for some time about 3-4 or less hours it turns off and it stucks on apple logo and keeps restarting over and over again ,btw its iPhone 5s!?

can yang says:


Mobile Shop says:

its so good please u tich me please

AZIZ FJ says:

This is a great job, sir

Ahmed Khan says:

My iphone 6 worked great for 4 months. Now from last week it started restarting itself. First, it rebooted once a day. But now it just keeps restarting until battery dies. I've tried resetting, completely restoring it. Didn't work. But it works amazingly perfect while plugged in. Never restarts while charger is plugged in. What might be the issue? Kindly reply.

nidhi bansal says:

sir can this method fix error 4013 plz reply fasr

Alexandre Carvalho says:

REWA its the best source of corrections. Have you any idea how to do this fix with a navipro plus 3000s?

rc drift says:

my iPhone felt on water last month ( iPhone 6 ) .. I put it on rice for 2 days and it restarting and restarting I connect it to the PC restore and update …… and it worked .. now its restarting again I don't know what to do..😪

Natãn Herick says:

Hello, someone tells me to do this kind of service, that is reliable, and that is in Brazil, thank you in advance

Angel Gonzalez says:

i have a iphone 6 Plus, windows and itunes cant recognize it, stuck in apple logo whitout Lightning cable,But miraculously when I connect the lightining cable this works almost normally but still no charge, i need turn it off for charge, any solution for it?

Jaaron Staton says:

I need this done to my iPhone

Gio048 says:

Very cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎

BestlSlDoko says:

i got this problem and when i restore my iphone it does't restart and no error at restore process but when i completed restore it can't boot up to hello screen it loot restart again. pls help me find the problem ty.

Kira Yamato says:

can you guyz show tutorial for fixing all error code available on iphone? it would ultimate guide for iphone repair.. thx u!

Muhar Rďn says:

bg bisa gk bantu kita ni ada aiphon5g kenak soket toskring

Layla Washington says:

This was uploaded on my birthday

ASAP Glitches says:

i live in the bay area and cant find no one that can swap 16gb to 128gb

Georg Pf says:

Great video, thanks. Is reballing really necessary?

Ферад Реджебов says:

When im depressed i come to watch your vids . So relaxing and amazing <3

Qavi Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

hey i can this stuff you used

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