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iPhone 6 Error 53

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Apple has been screwing with independent repair shops for years, the very places that offer the services they do not.

Now, they are taking to deleting your data if you have us fix your phone. This has gone too far.

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Max Taylor says:

I got error 53 a couple of months back after an iPhone 6 was lightly water damaged (by sweat from running) and then did a software update. I took it to apple and they plugged it in and had it working in minutes with all the data.

Joshua O'Dell says:

I had this happen and I had to go the apple store and pay 300 hundred dollars to get a replacement.

Pinkk Wormm says:

but the real big problem is that isheep will still buying this shits

juju wei says:

This video was very passionate. I am glad that you are standing up for all of the users who had this problem, addressing Apple directly. Thank You.

nick mettallica says:

Excuse me, my iphone6 ever change home bottom cause of error 53, so if i want to update ios 10, can it work??

Usmaan Bilal says:

Always backup before updating guys, I learnt the hard way :(

LT Gen Klink says:

Why does apple hate the end user so much?

Roger L. Ortiz says:

Samsung finger scanner also fails fairly fast, but does indeed lasts longer. Same as for budget phones < 300 USD. They all fail within let's say 15-20+ weeks of heavy usage.

Brad S says:

the force is strong with this one

Earl Fechter says:

can you reprogram the chip on the touch id cable? is it an eeprom? could you reprogram the secure enclave with seputil?

Earl Fechter says:

but louis, how does this touch id work, the way it is "paired" with the secure enclave? do they share a serial number? can you dump the serial numbers? does it erase itself if you try to read from it?

Yamil Montes says:

So basically apple is being like microsoft and locking/breaking down the phone when it doesn't like the hardware.

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