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IPHONE 6 Dead Fix By Changing PM IC

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simlock48 says:

Hi, How did You know that's big power management ic? There is small pm ic as well. How to determine which one needs to be replaced?

Hip-Hop & It Don't Stop says:

Hi, what nozzle size, hot air temp, and pressure do you use?

roshan kumar says:

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Lol. i am admirator this of chanel.

rumel bhuiyan says:

U r very skill !I want to get ur skillness….!!

regil elias perez escalante says:

Hello I am from the Dominican Republic and I have the following problem with my iphone and it is that I only stick a minimum drop of charge if it is that you are dead after that ignites it does not load never thanks I will wait for a help of its part

milliard819 сергей says:

как у вас всё просто хуяк и работает

Bee MR. says:

itz crazy

michael sibayan says:

Hello sir, my iphone 6 is dead, changing lcd and battery is not working, but when i connected it on itunes it recognize my phone but nothing shows on the screen just black, what is the problem? Pm ic or u2 ic?

Liam “Liamm9” Tsabari says:

WTF Did you saw that spark at the red cable in 4:38 when touching the battery connector?!?!?

Reza kurniawan says:

i like backsound :D

MicrosiM diysmps says:

how long this solution will last? month? two?

Faruk IŞIK says:

pls change the fcking music

saud abdullah says:

I don't know if he really changed it safely .

Sadek Oussalah says:

assalamu alaykum brother Ashfaq , I need help first time changing the power ic chip on iphone 6, dead no power at all is it the main power or small power to change and jazaka allah khair

adam smith says:

The keyboard was in Arabic and then I'll come to change the English

Roberto Ramos says:

what's that brown looking gel called

Imran sardar Muhammadi says:

kam aza kam mu say to batuye janb k ya konsa ic hay ar kaya huwa ta jo tek keyaa….

Rishita Guha says:

iPhone repair in Kolkata? can anyone help?

RedEnergySounds says:

5:02 osama is alive… See reflection

Samuel de Jesus Beltre Matos says:

you really have precision in ur hand good job men, im trying to do things like that in my store, i hope u help me some times.. my username in social networks is samuelbeltre add me please

Comedy Show says:

I have a question, how is name that liquid wich you put on main board, brown..??

Rafique Magsi says:

plz my help

Muhammad Hafis Naguib says:

bro, can u tell me your heat and air control for the blower?

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