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iPhone 6 Baseband Repair No Service/Searching With Jumpers

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Isma Amsi says:

Perfect job, just one question which red cable you use for the jumber, because some thin cable are difficult for solder thanks

Lg Honda says:

To much overheating

Chandu Pasha says:

It is too risky don't try pls

mamfir says:

Very good. Perfect job 👍👍👍

Dario Soto says:

what heat machine do you use and what temp?

Noor Electronics says:

Can you please tell me what is that green liquid that you have applied for those two jumpers under the IC is that liquid is heat proof please replace I am also repair guy

Aminur Rouf says:

Where are you based i have one iphone 6 which a baseband reball was attemptes but still searching i showed someone else they said track is missing or pads pulled can you fix it

Gianmarco Romano says:

Why jumpers??

Mohammed Ashraf says:

My i phone 6 onley shows iTunes logo and it will shut down automaticilley after some time will it can repair and also some times it also show yellow or white display if it can repair plz tell me wich ic needs to replace

Mohammed Ashraf says:

I have one iphone 6 it wond on what do i do i care told me the board wan bad wii it can repair

Maddison Ernst says:

🙂🙂 is it hard fixing phones… I'm thinking of fixing my phone one day…

mamang gaming_F says:

Hi bro, what kind of wire jumper you are used for? thank you

toni ji says:

hi what paste do you use?

mohamed bayaa says:

Good job bro

Emma Caballero says:

its the same i.c repalce or new i.c.sir thanks for sharing.bravo

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