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IPhone 6 6 Plus Dead. Fixed by Replacing U2 Chip IC.

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christian cordova says:

hi , i have iPhone 6 plus and cup days ago this one shut off and star get reset … I try to get restored by iTunes … I did completed restored but now just show the apple screen when is staring and get reset again…if ai left alone cup minuted down off the apple screen start to loan them finish and get reset again what I can do my friends

Könyves Gergely says:

Hey! I have an iphone 6. My problem is: with a new charged battery, the phone is working properly, but if i connect the charger, the phone is restarting, and won't charge.. Is it U2 ic failure? Thanks

shabeer marthadan says:

What name of cleaning spry ?

ᴹᴬᴿᴷ says:

I got my iPhone 6 Plus customized by a shop where they change the color of your iPhone by changing the back frame to a different color and they took out evertything from my phone like logic board and all that and switched it to the new frame, the phone was working fine for 2 months and then randomly it started to start acting up like I would use it for 10mins and then it turns off, works for 10mins and then turns off again over and over, the battery was brand new so it couldn't be that and I checked the display and all the cables were tight so can you tell me what the problem is because the phone turns on for 1 second and then turns off but the screen is still on, it just doesn't boot anymore!

Mynameis Chris says:

what did you use in the spray for the board, alcohol/peroxide? thank you and new sub :3

Make Stuff says:

nice tweezers! do you know where i can order some?

Juani Araujo says:

my iphone was working w a cracked screen I had it replaced and 3 weeks after I get black screen shows 2 red lines battery and it wont come on…what do you think could be my man….nice vid by the way 6…peace.

Begue Patrick says:

hi am from mauritius i have a dead samsung grand 2 duo and would like to recover the data can you recover it for me plz and tell me your price

Sagar Vijayan says:

Hey, My iphone got switched off while i was i calling and has not been ON till then, tried charging, changing my battery but doesnot work. Can you please suggest!

Thank you
Sagar Vijayan

Ioannis Florakis says:

I have an iPhone 6 that was not charging after water damage. Phone could boot with a good battery but could not charge. I tried to replace u2 ic and rehot u1401 ic and now phone is completely dead, iTunes does not recognize it. I try to measure the volts of the capacitors near this chips and no volts, no sigh of life!! What i did wrong? Can you fix this if i send you the phone? What's the possibility to repair this? Thank you!!

Naser Faghimhammad says:

hello thanks for the videdo my iphone6 wont turn on once i plug to ituns its came with recover option on ituns my iphone screen was be on and i can see the apple logo but then its freeez on aplle logo pls help

Naser Faghimhammad says:

hello thanks for the videdo my iphone6 wont turn on once i plug to ituns its came with recover option on ituns my iphone screen was be on and i can see the apple logo but then its freeez on aplle logo pls help

MegaELikoo says:

how is use sprey?

Chris Reeves says:

what size solder tip do you prefer? Also what size solder balls do you think you use the most?

Imeh Dominic says:

Hello, please I need help. my honor 4x screen touch is not working. I replaced the screen still not working. Please what do I do to make it work? Thanks.

kurojin97 says:

This seems like a specific problem and solution. My question is this: do you guys diagnose the problem and then fix it? If so I would like to send you my iphone 6s for repair. It does not power on, nor does it hold a charge and my computer doesn't recognize it when I plug it in.

leon luis kevin sa brum petsch says:

what temperature do you use to desolder and solder the chip?
why havent you reballed ?
can you reball using only the air welder or is it better to reball using the iron?

Factor Akob says:

thank you its best work how much cost customer normally ?

SHOP CEL Assistência e Atacado says:

How did you detect this CI defect?

Damien Gervais says:

Hello, congratulations for your video, I am French and I have everything lol. What temperature do you use to remove the chip?
thank you in advance


my iph 6 motheboard burned after a short. can I use this instructions to fix it?

Mohammed Habib says:

I have an iphone 6 which was water damaged and now still stuck, flashing apple logo and wouldn't start. I tried to dip it in alcohol and dry it off and the motherboard worked but the screen would show an extremely faint apple logo and after that it wouldn't show anything, although it was working when i plug it into itunes. Now when i boot it up, it keeps flashing apple logo again.
Do you think it can be fixed?

eni xhafa says:

i have a similar problem. my iPhone 6s got overheated in the touch id and died on me. it doesent turn on, it doesent connect to itunes or PC. tried reolacing battery but nothing. any idea what problem might be?

flipdamadapakincoin says:

i tried to remove my chip but i still have no luck… i tried heating up the chip to 400c for about 30-40 seconds every several times and the chip is not even moving..i also have a corner piece of the chip that has broken off while using my tweezers.. what should i do to take it off easily without creating any further damage? thnx in advance.

redah james says:

did you just open the phone and change a random ic how do you know that was the ic to change

redah james says:

hi its the best ic replace ive seen i purchased a iPhone 6 the guy said it fell and the screen had lines i changed the LCD and when i mounted it i can't hear and the volume button not working how can i fix it

Terry Walls says:

I am in the UK and have the same problem with an I phone 6s plus, if you would be interested in repairing it?

vaislaj says:

nice job, do you reball? or it comes reballed from supplier?

Andreas Milidonis says:

I have 2 questions.
1. Should we add flux before installing the new one ?
2. How can we be sure that all the 36 points are joined ?

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