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iPhone 5s Touch IC Repair (U15 / Sage2)

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Removal, Re-ball, and reinstall of iPhone 5s Touch IC Repair (U15 / Sage2).


Javier Xt says:

What level of air did you put to the station?

Mathieu Nagel says:

Hello Larry ,

Nice Job !!! whats the name of the grey paste you use to reballin BGA ? And were did you bought the " stencil" for reballing ? pls

thank you

Rishita Guha says:

iPhone repair in kolkata, can someone help?

SugarMan says:

hi, i was suffered with pcb pad had broken, is it my temperature not enough hot?

rida septiana says:

I have a problem on the touchscreen, but repairman say its ic lcd, after repair success but only just stay ix on 24H, after this error again,

Golden Franci says:

ciò che è un problema

Kaushi Bavi says:

good job

Yordan Hristov says:

really good job … u am using the same hakko station .. what temperature in celsium u r operating for removing and soldering back the chip ?

Erman Pehlivan says:

Good job man! I have 5S and touch screen working when I wake up the phone.

I use the phone normally but after 2 or 3 minutes later, its going crazy. Let me explain 🙂 When you holding your finger 1 or 2 cm away from the screen, screen goes like touching the screen but I never touched it.

I twists little bit phone from edge of the phone, it working 20 or 30 minutes more. I already replace the touchscreen completely but problem not solved.

Can you advise how can I fix this issue from my wife's phone?

Thank you.

Eren Candan says:

hi Larry where are you from ?

titiura says:

great work man . I have a question here not Brazil this kind of almost not service you do not find because the stencil , you can indicate where I buy this stencil?

Charles Cmayer says:

Larry , congratulations , you work very, very well , will open a assists in Brazil , lol …

Ronald says:

hey what would the cost be to fixed the Touch IC

Johnny P. says:

Larry Johnson question for you regarding touch on iPhone 5s: Iphone droped and after that touch is unresponsive. LCD is working fine. Which of ICs should I reball/reflow/replace? It is possible to measure somehow or I don't know? I try new LCD (for which I sure is okay) and of cource doesn't work.

izoomer says:

Hey! What is the price for regular client ?

Jack Ku says:

Hello Larry. I was wondering why the new ic shoud be re-balled because the new chip set seems to be re-balled already. in that case, is it possible to do it without reballing?

710underground says:

If touch completely stops working is there any chance its the lcd before having to do all this?

Fran Perez perez says:

you use conductive flux or not?

Rahul Dwivedy says:

hey Larry I cannot update or restore iPhone5s. the repair man says it is ic problem. what is my chances to use that phone

Tiziano Medde says:

Good Job Man!!
Please what flux use for cleaning excessive tin?

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