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iPhone 5S Take Apart Repair Guide

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http://www.RepairsUniverse.com – Bringing it to you first, the iPhone 5S is fully disassembled in this video teardown / repair guide. If you are looking for how to fix your iPhone 5S, this video guide will walk you through it all!

Each step of this take apart is shown in detail to fix any of the most common damages your iPhone 5S may have, including: a cracked touch screen digitizer, broken LCD display, non-functional headphone jack, damaged dock port, and much more.

Find all of the Parts & Tools you need to fix your iPhone 5S at:


Repairs Universe says:

I was looking on your website and I didn’t see anything about warranties..?

Repairs Universe says:

Rocky, We only offer the combination LCD(inner display) and Digitizer(outer
glass) due to the fact that the two are fused together and very difficult
to take apart. you can check out our site, repairsuniverse (.com) to see if
you’d like to replace this part through us!

Jack City says:

Great Video. I have an issue tho.. After reassembling my iPhone 5 s. I’m
having trouble turning it on. The power button does not turn the phone on.
So i plugged it into to the charger (just to turn it on) And it shows that
the battery is completely dead (empty battery, one red bar) then it turns
on (white back round black apple logo) then screen goes black, then it
repeats? Battery Dead-Apple Logo-Black Screen. (Prior to the disassemble my
battery was at 100%) Whats my issue? Assistance would be much appreciated..

王哲 says:


Davidtheinfidel says:

I watched this whole thing and followed along and you stopped before
finishing removing all the components. Now I stick. yikes!

Adam Fears says:

Well done, I really appreciate this. Your video cuts to the chase and is
clear/easy to understand. 

Amadeo Abraham says:

that is really amazing job man, i do appreciate the high quality video

iDreamer76 says:

do you guys have a screw placement chart i’m having trouble finding them
for all versions of iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s can you guys help

Edgar Grande says:

where can I get this toolls you using …..and thank you for you video ….

Ming Lau says:

hi if i rip the flex cable what can i do to fix it? It is now detaching
from the screen part …..

The Human Pulse says:


Matt Nill Zaron says:

Can you show me how to fix error (3) on iphone 5s?

Omar Cossio says:

question. Is that a problem with the screen or motherboard?
so i dropped my phone in water and i got as much water out as possible
then put it in rice for 3 days. after the three days it worked, with just
some water marks on the screen. the water marks on the screen faded away
and the screen was working okay. about 5 hours in from the marks being away
the screen started to malfunction and wouldt respond to my touches and
sometimes it would just go black all of the sudden and overtime the screen
turns black and its on, but just black, and i can still slide to unlock and
stop alarms and navigate through the phone and open apps because i hear the
music and games i open. like it works but its not displaying a picture

mary s. says:

thank you. i needed your vid. we dropped a part and we were able to see
where it went. around the camera lenses .

Chad Nelson says:


Courtney Rodriguez says:

what if your phone was dropped in the toilet n flushed and now wont turn
on, i even tried charging it an yes i did put it in rice 

Hersain Cancino says:

are the batteries your selling for the iphone 5s real not cheap

Hans Raj says:

Great Video and very clear. Question: When placing a new LCD and digitizer
screen, I get lots of vertical and horizontal lines. What is that all

timothy ange says:

is the a sd card in the last part you were showing i seen a goophone like
that i was wondering if iphones were the same

xbrian2461x says:

What if you accidentally rip the flex cable??

Stephen Trottier says:

You sound very similar to Brad Pitt in the Fight Club. Anyways, thanks for
all the information!

Hunter Wright says:

Do you guys sell the metal back for the LCD screen? I purchased the screen
and expected it to come with one. The last one was damage so now i need a

Tyler Capanna says:

Can this all be put back together?

Lory Pierre says:

can you make a video on how to replace only the mother board?

Alix Aragon says:

hi there i was wondering if there is a kit for the microphone. when i call
people cant hear me and when i use the recording app its very low. is there
any way to replace this?

arkenzangel says:

is the 5 and 5s back housing different

jalen wheeler says:

The top of my screen is loose what can I do

Loyd Mcgill says:

does anyone know if the home key can be switched out to a new home flex?

tedjak says:

You forget to take off camera lens cover , inner flash diffuser cove and
Earphone Ring. this should maybe be taken off to put on new LCD… if its
missing there. (at 5:33)

Alan Wise says:

Can you take the ribbon off the home button. 

Jonathan Ticas says:

What part of the phone controls the signal for the phone? I dropped my
phone in water and now I have no service. I’m thinking of replacing
whatever part that is to regain bars. Will this work?

Juan Gerardo says:

What could be wrong if the iphone docent power on I changed the battery and
it won’t power on would It be the charging port it’s cause before that the
iphone would take for ever to charge plz help

David Graves says:

Awesome video!!! Thanks!!

cyrus fu says:

why I cannot see the A7 chip?

Daniel Duhon says:

Where are the processors?

Drake Nichols says:

I was looking on your website and I didn’t see anything about warranties..?

MonikoComputers says:


Antonio Lostaunau says:

question is the 5s back housing frame comparable to the 5 like if i were to
try and put my five motherboard and charger port speakers battery and
iphone 5 screen would it work

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