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iPhone 5S Screen Repair Replacement HD teardown Guide

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http://www.iphoneshopusa.com/en/78-iphone-5s iPhone 5S repair guide and tutorial. How to fix and replace your iPhone 5S LCD and digitizer.

If you have dropped your iPhone 5S cracking the screen and thinking about repairing the screen yourself then this video is for you! You can’t go wrong with this step by step HD tutorial. This screen replacement repair guide will walk you through the process from beginning to end. The most complete and best iPhone 5S glass screen dis-assembly and assembly tutorial on YouTube.

iPhone 5S Complete front assembly LCD and Digitizer (Black)

iPhone 5S Complete front assembly LCD and Digitizer (White)

iPhone 5S Pentalobe Screwdriver

iPhone 5S Phillips 00 Screwdriver

iPhone 5S Plastic Case Opener Tool

iPhone 5S Suction Cup Tool

iPhone 5S Printable Screw Organizer Sheet

This tutorial will work for iPhone 5S

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Chelsea Brad says:

Just fixed my phone, this video really helped out, thanks ??

Dog Serious says:

Thanks, this video done the trick, a Blue Peter badge is headed your way.

Doublecup Dizzy says:

Finally got it on but i cracked the new screen in the process because the dumbass home button screws & LCD screws wouldn't come off so I guess the casing wasn't on 100% This video sucks not very informative or descriptive

Doublecup Dizzy says:

I can't remove the LCD casing which screwdriver do u use? I tried all 4, they won't budge only the one on top and right will remove


i noticed a mistake, if you dont mind me mentioning, starts at 6:35, when reassembling and you are installing the third screw for the home button/fingerprint sensor, lcd back plate, once you tighten the third screw, the little tab beneath the 3rd screw that you tap quickly 4 times(tab,ground?) with the phillips screw driver, should be positioned on the side closest to the lcd back plate, it needs to be turned either clockwise or counter clockwise so where it is contacting the backplate mounting hole as opposed to the ribbon cable, displayed at marker time 6:46. this is a fleeting mistake that would take a very critical eye to notice if only being a first timer replacing a iphone 5s screen,
thank you for your time composing this video, many will benefit from your efforts

dub 1 says:

you put the home button back cover shield on upside down

em stef says:

ATTENTION! The screws for the protective panel of the LCD flex cables MUST be of specific length. Otherwise, if you mix them up you can damage the traces on the pcb causing "the blue screen" boot loop. You can print a layout of your phone to keep track of what goes where.
There is a video called "Classic 5s long screw damage trace repair to solve blue screen of death" by iPad Rehab with more info.

Otae Plays says:

Thank you so much this vid really helped

Mirko Colombo says:

best tutorial!!!!

gan102 says:

Mention that the battery has to be disconnected!

Fionn O'Brien says:

at 6:46 on the screw the little clip fellow stays on the left of the screw look back at 4:53 good work though i barley seen this little clip myself and just noticed i´m currently following your video its like surgery lol but thank you

Fionn O'Brien says:

iPhone 5 no fingerprint scanner ribbon at the bottom iPhone 5s does so becareful with the 5s

Vuk Denic says:

WARNING! The home button back plate is flipped 180 degrees upon reassembly in this video. The same is true for the little contact piece that is held by the lower plate screw. While reassembling, I highly suggest watching the beginning of the video to see how everything was originally positioned and connected. Good luck!

Erin Berg says:

when I did it the front camera cable was disconnected so the cable is broken can they replace it

Angeloc says:

Thanks a ton ! just fixed my phone !!! You are awesome dude 😀

rex magdales says:

this is the most accurate and very clear video replacement for Iphone 6s. thanks for this i had no problem with mine.

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