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iPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble

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http://www.fixez.com presents the iPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble video. This video will assist you in safely replacing the LCD and Touch Screen Assembly on your iPhone 5c.

Check out the iPhone 5c Repair Guides & Videos section at Fixez.com: http://www.fixez.com/guides-and-videos/iphone/iphone-5c-repair-guides-videos

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Fixez.com says:

+Tyler Lynde Have you double checked your flex cables? Ensure that they are
seated correctly and if so, you may have a bad LCD.

Fixez.com says:

+Prizmo ThaDancer Sounds like the LCD is damaged on your unit. I would
recommend starting there. 

DanielaxDestiny says:

My iPhone 5c fell face first on the corner of my laptop and now the screen
is Lose and every time I press down on it it makes a slight squeaking noise
and the sound is a bit messed up

Hannah Blais says:

My Iphone 5c left corner screen does a popping sound if i press lightly on
it like its loose or popping out kind of, is this going to be a big issue ?
Or will it be okay… 

Beatrice Olivier says:

My screen craked

Anaki Tenshi says:

could this posible help with my 5c that i dropped. it dropped and now the
screen is black. still makes noise and vibrates and buttons work the
screens just black

Kimberly York says:

My iphone 5c went for a swim in my pool. I let it set for a month then
turned it on it worked fine for a couple months. Now the screen just
started going crazy. I opened it up to clean it out, the battery is a
little mushy however do you think it’s the screen that needs to be

angel melo says:

The corner of my screen piped out when I dropped it what don’t do it still
works but I can’t pop it back in

Justin Schwarz says:

+fixez.com i had done this to a iPhone 5c and the screen turned on and its
stuck on the apple logo with a bunch of small booting like words on the
top of the screen, What do i do?

Taleah Chapman says:

I dropped my phone iPhone 5c , top right hand corner popped out , i pushed
it back in but still lines flickering across my screen , everything else
works but lines are really annoying, please help !

Joshua Jimenez says:

My phone screen popped out when I dropped it what do I do 

Shannon Orlopp says:

If my screen cracked over my camera how do I know that my camera will still
function with a new screen?

Dashawn white says:

my iphone is compelety dead and i put it on my charger all i see is a black
screen no apple logo or anything

Richard Prophete says:

My I phone won’t turn on what do I do?

Zach Switzer says:

I cracked the LCD on my iPhone 5c by accident, if it wasn’t for the four
lines going down my screen I would be okay with it, but that’s not the
case, it’s irritating looking at it :/

Mark Wage says:

i dropped my phone and when i picked it up the screen was fine but the
display was all fizzy and wouldnt respond to my touch? everything works
fine but the display/LCD screen

Thalia Montoya says:

I dropped mine while I was sitting down and dropped it twice I’ve tried the
power and home button wont work the screen stays black and everytime I plug
the charger in it vibrates repeatingally

viviana aguilar says:

My iPhone 5c has vertical lines going through it

Pigheaded Gaming says:

I dropped my phone while playing basketball, the screen cracked and now
some part of the screen don’t work. Please Help me!

Conley Roberson says:

If I just cracked my phone, but my phone works perfectly fine, would I
still need to replace the LCD?

Emma Shiu says:

I was on my iphone 5c then my phone just shut down on me. know i can’t put
it back on. What should i do?

Laura's Life says:

I dropped my iPhone 5c at volleyball practice and when I got it the screen
was completely blank (black). All I heard was siri (Now I don’t hear
anything). I kept trying to turn it on and off but nothing worked. I really
don’t have the money to buy or repair this. Any tips? please

nick gual says:

Hey I have a iPhone 5c I dropped it and the top left side popped out could
this be a battery problem and I can’t push it back in would people charge
to just re adjust it thanks 

Raffi kababji says:

hi my phone is normal when i unlock it but when i use it, the screen turns
pink colour and the screen is hard for me to touch if i buy the screen will
it fix the problem?

Greyson Bishop says:

My screen was black and unresponsive so I followed the steps to take of the
screen and pushed down on my lcd projector and it turned on but it has
lines that are flashing across my screen constantly when it’s on, is this
just because i didnt get in place enough or is it another issue?

Mahvish Ahmad says:

Thanks :)

Matthew Rydzak says:

Hello, I dropped my iPhone5c and the screen popped out in the corner just a
little and now my phone is running a little slow is there a link to a video
that would be able to fix that and all of the tools needed?

Cultured Laur says:

hi I have the 5c and I spelt lotion on the front section so I cleaned it
then I was cleaning the thing at the top by the camera and I think I push
down to hard on it …but any way it turned all these weird colors then I
shut it down and shut it back off and it was just a navy blue screen I am
so mad right now and if I don’t get this phone fixed my parents are getting
me a flip phone !!! What should I do to repair it ..should I take to a
shop? Please help. Thanks in advance

Ciya Vyas says:

I dropped my 5c a while ago and noticed the sides were coming out the back
case thing so I tried pushing it back it, bad move, and these lines started
to appear making half my screen irresponsive. Now all of it is irresponsive
and it already has been cracked a lot. Any ideas on what I could do
to help? 

Megan Campbell says:

Hi. My iPhone 5c screen always pops out and it’s making a weird clicking
noise when I press on it. I don’t wanna take it apart :(

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