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iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

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This is the actual way to repair a water damaged iPhone. Whether you have dropped it into the toilet, alcohol, pool, at the beach or in a puddle or creek this is the way. DO NOT listen to the ‘bag of rice’ trick. This is not a solution. You need to ‘wash’ the logic board. Putting it in a bag of rice or drying it out and turning on your iphone will cause corrosion to progress.

Please note not all water damaged phones can be replaced. From my experience the sooner you jump onto it the more chance you have to recover it. I have restored phones that have been in the beach water for up to a hour and phones that have fell into the toilet.

If you wet your iphone I advise of the following:

1. Turn it off immediately. DO NOT try and turn it back on.
2. Arrange for someone to repair it or repair it yourself. Please note opening your phone can void warranty.
3. Ensure that the person who is repairing it is not ‘drying’ it out.

The required tools as outlined in this video are:

1. iSesamo Seperating Tool
2. Pentalobe Screw Driver
3. Phillips head screw driver
3. Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol (ideally 70%+)
4. Hairdryer or a fan to dry our the logic board
5. iPhone 5 Screw Chart: http://bit.ly/1mq8JU9

These can be found here:
iPhone Tools: http://amzn.to/1xZQbDk
Isopropyl Alcohol: http://amzn.to/1kUF09J
Screwmat: http://bit.ly/ip5screwmat

It is also very common for the Battery or Power/Lock button to be affected by water damage so please ensure you check these.



So will this method work is most cases? And does it matter how long the
phone has been left after it has had water damage before fixing it?

Danny Boy says:

how do you put it back together???????????????

24tuccu says:

its funny reading many comments below have they not payed attention to the
video “they” watched

thedenos40 says:

will this drying method still work if my phone spent the night in the
toilet? (don’t ask) LOL I’m thinking it may have stayed in water too long.
Hope I didn’t hurt anything from trying to charge it after 2 days in the
bag of rice.

jalani brooks says:

Hey guys im gonna try this i got a iphone 5 that i bought online knowing it
was water damaged im going to try it out and let you know if it works

Imran Ali says:

I found a iphone 6 in a puddle it was in a leather case but when I try to
switch it on a blank greyish screen appears is it fixable?

Naief Saleh says:

Best way is to get a ultrasonic
machine $25 on ebay.. and put the board in for a couple of minutes, the
intense vibrations will break up corrosion build up in hard to reach
places( under the welded shields) AND DO NOT DOUSE everything with alcohol
like this guy, there is a mic on the top part and that will get damaged if
alcohol gets in.. or any mic for that matter in any phone, just clean
around the mics.. 

Casey Tabor says:

What a waste of time. Forget all that tiny tidous work. Ill just go pay the
50$ to have someone professional take care of it you at the repair. 

Daily Doses of Mi Lost Time says:

Champion!! Thank you! I was part of a capsized paddle boat on Saturday
evening and thanks to your clip I’ve been able to restore my iPhone 5
completely. Legend!

jabu nzimande says:

Jin here all the way from South Africa, great tutorial. my phone had a
cracked screen for some time never fell in water or anything drastic like
that but black spots and cracked lines started appearing on the screen
until it was completely unresponsive but still on (so i was using my
headphones to take calls)..Used this tutorial followed it step by step and
Vuala!! my i5 works again!!! Thanks again!

ThatSmartPhoneGuy says:

he said to let the logic board dry but he put the alcohol it the backplate
to do you let the backplate dry before you put the logic board back in

Diego Castellon says:

Excellent video, thank you very much, i followed your steps and my iPhone
works again. Thank u very much

Marc Rebeiro says:

Hey man I’m trying to fix my wife’s phone is there any way I could have you
call me I have a few questions that’s just going to be too confusing to
type. I already did everything you showed but it still won’t turn on it
shows the charging then apple symbol then nothing. The screen stays on

A JAY says:

you have to take off the metal shield to check for damage and olso brush

Ali Uyrus says:

Hello, it is a wonderful video, thank you. I have my two iPhone 5s dropped
into water. I tried to re-open them. put them into the bag-of-rice before
this seeing this video. they are still in the bag-of-rice for last 24
hours. at first they were both blank. after some time one of them showed
the apple goes off and comes back again.. the other one shows the apple and
some text, i believe it is in the panic mode. I took one of them to the
apple store, they said it was water damaged and they offered a replacement
for 269 dollars.

By the knowledge that I have tried turn them on and on and charge them, may
this method still work? should I open and scrub it? does it worth losing
the 269 dollars opportunity and if I open it, will I lose this opportunity?

Thanks in advance..

Ricky32908 says:

I’ve never dropped anything in water, just needed to know how to take the
screen off to unbend a dent my crazy ex gf made thnx

jele826 says:

I followed all directions and my iphone 5 powers up to the Apple logo and
stays there. If I plug it in to iTunes, the phone is not recognized. Any

Saivion Lee says:

iphone 5s managed to get wet in a life proof case idk how but it did….i
turned it on yes ik bad decision but it did turn on and it worked or
functioned fine with all features but had water stains. so i let it dry out
and i charged it phone turned hot and wont turn on now. can i replace the
battery or is it a hardware problem because im confused because im hopeful
by just getting it t o turn on was amazing. PLEASE READ RESPOND OR HELP!!!

ps. does anyone know what the vertical gray lines are about because i heard
of ppl talking about that

dakota freligh says:

iPhone 5 took a swim on a canoe trip last weekend. Tried the rice for
overnight did nothing but get rice in the charging port. Used this video to
take apart and remove all the water that was inside. So far the phone is
working great, even the water marks on the screen have gone away. I am
having trouble with the rear facing camera, but I think that was my hook up
of the cables. Ill take it back apart later for that and anything else that
might pop up. Thank you for the video and helping me save my phone!!!!

Ármin Tessényi says:

I can help to solve every problems you guys have. Read Below.
Before actually taking your phone apart, watch this video.
Look at how he bends a cable over at about 130 degree angle. Do NOT do
that, it damages the cable. Bend it max at a 70 degree angle. All your
problems will be sloved.
Thank me later

yogi2yogini says:

Thanks very much , you’ve inspired me to give this a go , I think I’ll buy
a magnifying glass to see those tiny screws more clearly though .

lifesimmerfan#1 says:


Colin Edgar says:

can you use alcohol on the screen itself? I noticed you set it aside and
didn’t touch it otherwise, but my screen doesn’t take any input right now,
so I was wondering if i should rinse it in alcohol too? If not, do you
recommend any specific sellers for screens? 

Tizzybizz XxxX says:

How do u remember where oh all goes ???

Karim Ayoub says:

i went too fast, and dipped the motherboard+the camera in the
alochol…without removing the camera
what do you think ? really bad or not a problem ?

Lucien Fender says:

I am tempted to just put the whole phone in the alcohol for 5 minutes, then
give it the rice treatment to take out the alcohol. Is this a really bad
idea? It would circumvent the disassembly

Jamie Pitt says:

I have done everything you have done in the video and I’m still getting a
blank screen so it appears that not all water damaged phones are fixable

kathy razo says:

Nate I followed your instructions and my iphone came on but had problems
with wifi and the screen cloudy with the light in the background flicking
on and off at times. I opened the phone back up to check the wifi
connection and decided to clean the connections with the screen to the
mother board. Let it dry again and now it wont come back on.. the screen is
black and I can still hear the sounds when the battery gets charged. Could
you give me any insight of what more I can do? Thank you

J. R. Simpson says:

I put mine on the dash of my car, and let the sun get it really hot.I left
it there all day. That worked for me. Everything still works, and I dropped
mine out of a boat in a lake! I think I got lucky!

Tony Candelaria says:

This video saved my IPhone 5!! It fell into the ocean and was in the
twilight zone for over a week. Took it apart, scrubbed it with 90% alcohol
and it worked! Even some of the things that were not working BEFORE it fell
in the water started working again. Thanks for this great video. (Although
it would have been nice to see a reversed video of the reassemble)

J T says:

I almost pulled my iphone from the trash can it is now in my warm pocket. I
have a problem with the rare camera but that is for another day. Thank you

Chris Field says:

Will this defiantly fix ANY water damaged iphone??

OfficialAPPLEleaks est. 2014 says:

I tried it and it did not work at all.

DaHammerTime says:

I dropped my 5s in a toilet.this helped. Thanks

Omar Cossio says:

question. Is that a problem with the screen or motherboard?
so i dropped my phone in water and i got as much water out as possible
then put it in rice for 3 days. after the three days it worked, with just
some water marks on the screen. the water marks on the screen faded away
and the screen was working okay. about 5 hours in from the marks being away
the screen started to malfunction and wouldt respond to my touches and
sometimes it would just go black all of the sudden and overtime the screen
turns black and its on, but just black, and i can still slide to unlock and
stop alarms and navigate through the phone and open apps because i hear the
music and games i open. like it works but its not displaying a picture

Fidel Anderson says:

Great video! If you are near Nottingham United Kingdom and you need repairs
for your smartphone and iPhones, you can visit PODZ Smartphone Repairs at
6-8 West End Arcade or call us at 798-458-8354.


how long after the water damage? what if you buy a phone that has stopped
working and then discover that it has water damage after months of it
sitting around?

Minecon ApertureAssistance says:

uh, I should of NOT open the iPhone 5 2 days when it was in rice… It was
working *Everything*, than it all went black than the screen was red and
over heating, dammit I HAVE TO FIX DA BATTERY!

supportmytroups7 says:

Lol he repaired easy board, looks like water got on it an hour ago, not
very realistic

smiler smith says:

Thank you for uploading this. it worked for me best video i seen :)

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