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iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 3 Minutes

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This is my favorite tool set on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008CLO7Q2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B008CLO7Q2&linkCode=as2&tag=three04-20

BLACK iPhone 5 Screens can be found HERE: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/iphone-5-lcd-touch-screen-assembly-replacement.html?utm_source=JerryRigEverything&utm_medium=Black%20iPhone%205%20screen&utm_campaign=JerryRigEverything

WHITE iPhone 5 Screens can be found HERE: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/iphone-5-lcd-touch-screen-assembly-replacement-white.html?utm_source=JerryRigEverything&utm_medium=White%20iPhone%205%20screen&utm_campaign=JerryRigEverything



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sheriberry99 says:

I lost my bottom two star screws what do I do?

nicholas tuck says:

Does the replacement screen you put the link for come with the home button?

Karoline Bruun says:

Can iPhone 5 screens work for iPhone 5s?!?!

Brian Schoedel says:

Thanks for the video. First time around it definitely took more than 3
minutes. However I am sure if I did a few could get up there with you on
the speedy repair. You saved me $100 easily. 

Erik Nyberg says:

Thanks dude really helped :)

TrevorVision says:

Hey first of all thanks for the video. I have just broke my screen pretty
bad, I hear it is harder to get the screen off when cracked, any tips
please. Thanks in hand.

Albert Trujillo says:

Do I gotta remove the sims card to take off the phone screen 

Ashley Galvin says:

I need to replace 5c screen? Any differences? Thanks

Rumeel12708 says:

Hey how much r the screens, good original? Cuz i find some on ebay for $30
and others at $60???? So idk which one to get?

Gleaton01 says:

VERY MISLEADING VIDEO TITLE** this is not an iPhone “screen repair” this is
a “front assembly” repair. This means that he replaced the entire front,
rather than just the screen. if you did this with a new screen, you would
lack a home button, microphone, light sensors, front camera, and home

Hannah Liddell says:

Thanks! You saved me about $250. The only thing I would add is that I
disconnected the battery as well. And for commenters who noticed vertical
lines, that happened at first because the first cable I reconnected wasn’t
all the way snapped in.

kassandra canadzic says:

I dropped my 5c down the stairs and the top right corner popped out a
little and it’s really hard to pop back in, any suggestions?

Brianne Jones says:

I replaced my screen today. When I go to lower the lcd greyish colored
lines appear, but if I lift the screen upwards the lines go away and it
shows perfectly. I checked the connections numerous times. They seem to be
connected well. Any idea why the screen is doing that?

A. Jay says:

I did everything you said, and my screen is unresponsive to touch. What’s
going on? 

Frank Tapia says:

What about the front camera on the new screen and the home button ?? please
respond i need help

drewkipow says:

My LCD glass and LED backlight panels are seperated since I won’t be able
to pry what should I do?

Brayan Griffin says:

i dropped my iphone 5 and the screen cracked but it was still fully
functional, i dropped it a second time and this time the screen went blank
and could only see the backlight. i got a new screen and installed it but i
still only get the back light and no picture or image on my phone but when
i plug it in it vibrates like as if it was charging. when i bought the
replacement screen i got the one that doesnt come with the new home button
and ear phone, only the new screen. why does my phone not have any images
and only the surrounding back light??

TheChevre94 says:

I’m in the middle of snapping my screen back on but for some reason my
screen goes blank at a certain point, I know it has something to do with
the 3 wires you have to snap in but im not sure if the wires are defective
or if im doing something wrong. My screen will be working fine when i have
the screen pulled all the way up but when I start to snap my screen on it
just goes blank, and if i lift it back up the screen comes back on again.

Edward Dudley says:

This looks super easy… but try doing it in real life… It’s so hard to
remove the screen when it’s cracked everywhere…. the sucking cup does not
even work

Todd Silimperi says:

the page at repairsuniverse that you linked to above has a video tutorial.
that tutorial shows the repairer transferring the camera, home button and
speaker from the broken screen to the replacement screen. Your video
doesn’t mention that. Why the discrepancy? Thanks

tony berelson says:

I’ve replaced the screen and the phone works, but the Home button is not
functioning and selecting front camera causes the phone to freeze. Do I
have a problem with one of the 3 ribbon cables, any suggestions?

DjElSamano says:

what’s the name of the thing under the metal thing with the 3 screws?

Diamonn Newton says:

My suction cup isn’t sticking to my screen. It’s sliding..does that mean I
need another suction cup thingy?

Aye Fox says:

Not sure if you could help but recently my Iphone 5 screen went out (didn’t
drop it nor got water inside it) and I tried replacing the battery and also
tried a different charger but it still wont turn on or charge. Do you think
that I possibly might need a new screen or is it just dead? Also if it is
the screen, how do I know for sure if the phone doesn’t even turn on? I’m
not trying to waste money replacing the screen if the phone is dead.

NastyKreap says:

After putting on 2 different new iPhone 5 screens on I get a continuous
beeping/vibrating noise that goes off every 5 seconds. Screen does not
turn on. I am thinking it is a screen issue, but sucks to order two
screens at the same time and have the same results. I have heard numberous
of ways to fix it: holding home button and power button for 10seconds to
reset, the screen is bad, or water damage. I just did another repair using
the same screen on another phone and same results…I think it is bad
screens. Have you heard or come across anything like this?

Dshao says:

hey, im having alot of trouble in attempting to pry of the screen. it seems
to be sealed really tightly. are there any further tips you could provide?

Fastfox1306 says:

Thank you for the video! Followed it to a T and was successful! This, like
most apple repairs are very, very doable as long as your brave and you take
your time! Do not rush and do not force things. Overall this screen
replacement cost me $49.99 (39.99 for screen on eBay and $10 for icracked
repair kit on amazon). Beats apple’s price of $275! It took me roughly 15
minutes. Thank you again! 

Gail Scarfino says:

Does the replacement parts for which you provided a link come with
the earpiece, front camera and home button?


Nia Andrews says:

i have three lines running down my phone . What happened?

Bob Sutton says:

is there anyway just to replace the broken glass front without replacing
the entire screen? Im a newbie with this, what is the best price you know
of for reliable parts in my case front glass screen? Thanks in advance

Aznpnoykid says:

I replaced my screen. But its still blank. But I could see the screen
lighting up. All the wires are plugged in perfectly. What could the problem
be? :/

Theresa Perini says:

What is the difference between the digitizir and the screen? And does the
screen linked above include both? Thank you!

Kimberley Martin says:

I have opened my Phone to replace my cracked screen. I then realised I need
a new LCD screen. When I put my phone back together the touch screen is not
working. Any advice? Thanks 

Bockdollar McGillicuddy says:

Very helpful video, thank you. Question: Are the two star screw heads on
the outside of the case identical to the the three screw heads on the
inside holding the ribbon cables? It seems as if you’re using two
different screwdrivers.

Luke McCleary says:

My screen did not come with camera attached and home button do you have a
video showing how to change them?

Chris Donohoo says:

Any difference between the quality of these screens for sale on Amazon? Any
of them OEM? Or is it even possible to get OEM

citylist1 says:

Hiya, LOVE the videos. Quick question. I’m gonna change an iPhone 5 AND an
iPhone 5s digitizer next week. Should either, or both have the LCD attached
to them or can I get just the digitizers? Thanks in advance

Alejandro Hernandez says:

My screen won’t close completely at the bottom

Mike Pickin says:

Hey jerry do you have a link to a screen that has the components already in

Maureen Stanton says:

My problem is that im missing a screw (the one in the bottom near the
charging port) and it is causing my iphone screen to come loose

JerryRigEverything says:

This is one of my more popular videos.

Gail Scarfino says:

I have insurance on my phone but it is still $150.00. Do you know if it’s
true that if you try to do it yourself it can void your warranty? Thanks

Scotty Lippincott says:

what kind of tool is that orange peace u r using

meapux eno says:

OMFG thank you so much!! saved me a good ~$100!!!

missypie882 says:

I just got the screen off of my iphone 5s and there is an extra cable next
to the home button. It looks like its stuck onto the screen, so im not sure
if this will work for me. help! :)

Kevin Stross says:

Hey. I just finished replacing the screen for a friend yesterday and it
looks like there is something wrong with the LCD Display. There are lines
going down the screen and you CANNOT type where the lines are. What could
be the problem? Do I need to wipe off the back of the
metal shield protector before you lay it on top of the new LCD and screw in
the 6 screws? Please help!

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