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iPhone 5 Power Button Repair

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Replacement part:


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How to repair your iPhone 5 lock button, volume, etc.

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Christofski says:

Just finished fixing an iphone power button, with added battery change, all thanks to this fantastic walkthrough. Fortunately it seems flex cables these days have the metal clips attached so didn't have to mess around with a soldering gun. Excellent guide, very thorough and I can only hope I don't have to fiddle with tiny screws again for a long time to come.

Hamad SA says:

took 6 fuccking 4 hours to replace

Melvin Rodriguez says:

great step by step video, replaced my flex cable without any hitch. Thank you.

Astenev says:

Combined 2 broken phones into 1 working phone with this. Great walk through! Thanks.

Whatever says:

Thank you for this video. There is a lot of job. 🙂 I think that is much easier to change but I m wrong.

Yasser Mohamed says:

Thank you very much

lmcorr1 says:

Thank you for this video. You're the only poster I could find who shows how to put the phone back together again afterward!

Harry says:

finally after searching for hours i finally found a video that actually helps on putting the flex cable back in the phone and reassembling the phone. video help me a lot thank you so much , i liked and subscribed to you.

Verne Von Fuego says:

excellent video! Very informative. Shows the tools and the care and cautions other videos do not.

Mohamad Sulaiman says:

Great step by step explanation. Can you tell me where I can find the 3M adhesive ? And what they call it ? where they are selling it.? Thanks

Renan Carlos says:

tanks, best teacher =D

Brett Moro says:

What type of adhesive did you use?

defenda1 says:

Hi, it's a shame you don't ship internationally. This was an excellent walkthrough, I used this to fix my power button, replacing the battery and screen along the way. I'd never done anything this intricate before but it worked perfectly… ended up having fun! Thanks for taking a good amount of time and describing the situation clearly (eg. one of the most important points, don't fully tighten switch screws).

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