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Iphone 5: How to Fix Display that Wont Turn On / Black Screen / Nothing on Display

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I give you three easy “possible” solutions to get your Iphone 5, 5c, 5s display to come back on. If you can feel your phone vibrate or hear it ring but cant see anything on your screen try the options below. Hopefully one of these options works for you.

Option 1: Hold down home and power button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.
Option 2: Hold down power button for 3 seconds then hold down the home button until Apple logo appears.
Option 3: Firmly press directly under your flashlight and camera lens as your back light display connector may have gotten dislodged.

If the none of these worked try option 3 but this time you need to pry your phone open. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfkcxYJc5ec

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NAYAN Dalvi says:

thanks man you save my ass ?

Kristyn Wright says:

OMG THAT YOU SO MUCH!!! i was freaking out cause i thought my phone was broken??

wali daad says:

god bless u

Sara Hesham says:

it works, thank youuuhh ??????

Rong Rith The Great says:

Thanks bro . Now my phone is working

luke rush says:

wtf aha pushing on the screen worked

Faisal Abbasi says:

Thumbs up bro your first method works for me

e_dance 15 says:

Thanks it actually worked. ??

Racheal Mukisa says:

Theses 3 options didn't work at first for me (I tried them all). But when i persisted (while pluging in the phone to power), the phone stopped vibrating after every second. Then i heard the battery charge beep, but still nothing on the screen. I left it on charge for about 30 minutes and then boom!! I saw the screen come on. This worked like a charm. U just saved me from days of frustration. Thanks so much


my skreen is grey but none of thes worked

Jayce Reck says:

Thanks man saved me

Paul_Writes says:

Big help to me, thanks for the video man!

Nkosilathi Moyo says:

option 1 worked for me

Nkosilathi Moyo says:

thanks it worked

obaayaa owusu says:

Thx man. So glad when it came on.

LC Airsoft says:

holy cow it worked

Beth Tippett says:

thank you very much :)

juju bre says:

I don't hear it vibrate or ring an I'm charging it an it isn't working

Natasha Hamilton says:

Thanks a million. what causes the black out?

rachel Steele says:

it worked!!!

Prince Sapphire Ofracio says:

Thanks a lot, it works!

Jeremy Van Wert says:

Super thanks, dude. Very much appreciated.

Shaima Hamad says:

Thankyou so much. I was so worried it occurs for hours! Thankyou!!! :)))

Central Pacific Roofing says:

Thanks so much,  Step #1 did it and now I have my phone back.

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