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iPhone 5 – Backlight with no image fixed (botched repair rescue – missing L42)

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Here I fix an iPhone 5 that would boot with backlight but no image on the screen. There really isn’t much brain work in this repair – I seen what was broke off and replaced it.

These repairs always go way different when you do them on camera with one eye. It’s hard to see what I was so worried about when I started nitpicking… one side of the component looked good but the other side showed signs of weakness. If I could redo this video, directly after I bump the new image choke with the micro pencil at all 4 pins, I would have fluxed it, re-flowed with hot air and then let the solder solidify while holding it flat on the board with tweezers. I did that step right after I ate lunch but didn’t record it. There really is no need to clean it 3 times – that took place for the sake of looking better when I showed my work under the microscope. This repair was actually done before I started nitpicking but who wants a crooked image choke?! LOL

Also, I do realize that the iPhone 5 has five of those image chokes but on the side of the connector we are working on – there are only 4 😀

Sorry for the shaky zoomed in shots – I was really hungry!


Samuel Colt says:

my problem is that when I plug in the phone the backlight flashes on and off but when I unplug the phone I can't get anything on (this is after replacing the screen)

manu bali says:

Where can i buy touch ics and other types of smd components?

Tony Tone says:

Lets say the data chokes are good. The display image goes from the connector through the chokes and straight to the CPU, correct, (or the other way I mean)? So in that instance you would need to reball/replace the CPU (ain't gonna happen)? Reason I ask is I have an iPhone 6+ I changed the Touch IC's, and a 6S I changed U4020. Both have backlight, but no image and recognized by iTunes. – baffled. I was looking for like an image type IC – LOL- & didn't expect it to be inside the CPU. I've taken diode mode measurements on the 6S (my tester) when it was in good condition and reference it now and see that the MIPI_AP_TO_LCM_DATA lines (6 of them, off the 3 chokes) are measuring a much higher resistance to ground in diode mode. (Help me, help me please my hair is on fire, LOL) hehe

Silvio Walter says:

Hi, love you vid's and hope you have a tip for me. My iPhone 5s was not responding to touch, and the screen looks a bit crappy. I bought an original iPhone 5s display and after replacing the front camera and home button I connected it. I have backlight, but no display . This screen works perfectly on other devices, but on my iPhone i have no image. When i place the old screen back, I have image (but no touchscreen)
Hope you have some tips for me. tnx.

Sören Schröder says:

What tools are you useing? A Hakko Micropencil? And an Amscope (saw your unboxing) but what hot air?
Nice videos btw. Keep it up!

Harry Bola says:

I am Harty from Fort Wayne in.im also a tech .some time I face some black corrosion on mother board when I solder.why it happens I have no idea may be the heat level or solder or Flux . you have any idea sir?

Jake Cherry says:

Another well made video. Very informative. What temperature would you use on this repair for both a hot-air station and soldering iron? Keep up the great work :)

Anthony Sanya says:

I have an Iphone 5C with the same issues, back light works though no image display. Could this be the similar missing component?

Paul Spiller says:

have you thought about numbering your videos and putting them in playlists acordingly??
Your making that many really good videos it'd be nice to have them ordered! What do you think?

محترفين fix all hardware mobile says:

thinks broand good work you work better ihope meet you

boiled frog says:

🙂 i broken one of small rectangle part nearby battery connector caused my headphone lost left sound:(

datuna ogadze says:

there is issue with iphone 5 , i changed screen but backlight works , there is no image just horizontal sometimes vertical lines, with black screen, can u please let me know your viber or what's app number so i could send picture ,
i will really appreciate if you could help
thanks in advance

Godwin okolie says:

what is the name of the flux you make use of Jason?

סל מי יזמות ושיווק says:

Hey, We really Liked your videos,where can i buy this parts like the small coils and all the Little parts of the microsolder on the iphone 6 board.
i dont mean to IC and such, talking about the little coils

muhammed khan says:

which blower using

Omar Abu Assa says:

Keep it goin .. hope u get a lot of subs. cuz u deserve em.

Philip settimi says:

Let me get a fresh cup of coffee BRB! OK n Roll um! Can you do a video on the tweezers or using them? Nice Job!

Inspiraattori says:

Nice work!

orbiter8 (John) says:

Good job mate.

MrBlackeyesmen says:

Hello can you tell me your camera model I want to buy an equal for my microscope, thanks

fixingthingz4u says:

Hey Mate i fixed the exact same Choke the other day !! great video but stop being so critical on your work haters are always gunna hate regardless !! thanks for the video 😉 keep them coming !!Cheers Lee

Scott Currence says:

I can watch this stuff all day.

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