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iPhone 4S WIFI Issue Fix! WIFI Grayed Out In Settings Fix! (Easy)

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New updated video about this issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz_0NXBFhrs
Hey guys, today I’m showing you a very inexpensive way of fixing your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S having a WIFI issue! Being grayed out in settings! It’s really simple, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below.
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MY new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYYkc2h9nZo


HyperTux says:

IMPORTANT: Thank you all for watching my video.. This really works if you
do what I tell in the video. I know it sounds like BS but its legit!! Share
like & subscribe people.

Missy Lee says:

Pleas answer, can I use a blow dryer instead?

Alperen Güzel says:

its not permanent :/

Tikesh Havarti says:

This is temporary only and does not address the underlying issue of the
WIFI chip device being damaged or fried, the hardware or the chip needs to
be replaced, bandaid solution at best. 

David Pinhal says:

A bizarre coincidence is that this wi-fi problem mostly occurs on White
iPhone 4S

mYu says:

Wow bro thank you, I just got this iphone for graduation and i couldnt get
wifi, i had a waranty so i was gonna get a new one but i tried this and it
worked, thank you so much man you don’t know how much i’m happy. You did
something good for me so i hope someone in the world returns the favor to

Tiago Seiler says:

Just give the fucking solution, you don’t have to keep proving shit. Just
tell the “solution” and we’ll try it. Fuck…

Josie Ryon says:

Oh my God.. It worked! Thank u.. Wish I can kiss u :)

Benjamin Francis says:


ჟორა პლიუსი says:

it worked thank you so much! but I heard alot of people saying it only
works for a little while hmmm lets wait and see

Proweys says:

Why are you whispering?

Boris L. says:

one risky iphone treatment

WhatsUpHufflepuff says:

My wifi started working again before the heat warning came up.. Hope it’s a
permanent fix! I was so sure this was BS, glad I tried it

Tim Andersson says:

It worked for me. Did it as I’m using iOS 8.0.2. Now lets see for how long
it’ll last…
This happened to me before but then I payed to get it fixed, and they gave
me a new phone, the one I have now which I’ve had for 3 months. 4S is a
good phone but it has bugs and problems. They want us to buy a newer model
I guess. Since I bought my 4S i’ve had it in repair 3 times and everytime
they gave me a brand new one that I had to repair really soon. And now I’m
here again…

Adam Harlan says:

every one this is a troll if you have this same problem do not do this crap
just plug ur iphone into your computer go to itunes once you are there hold
down the power button and the home button keep holding tell it powers off
then let off power button but keep holding home button then a message will
come up on computer says iphone in recovery mode then restart to factory
settings there you go plz text back if it helped k dont heat your fucking
phone up guys its a troll i did it i felt so dumb guys just text back if it
helped ok thanku

rin momo says:

It really worked on my phone. I hope it lasts hehe.

Philip Flinn says:

Totally fixed my issue! I thought it was complete crap watching the video
but after trying it, I am a believer! I can’t believe it worked!! Thanks!

Jason Udo says:

this is fucking retarded. all you need to do is hold the Power button and
the Home button at the same time and force it to restart. problem solved.

Mo Yusuf says:

It doesn’t work 

Michael Howell says:

i just did that and my black Iphone 4 s is screwed thanks a lot

Bogu Mal says:

I had the grayed wifi and no Bluetooth issue and found permanent fix, its
based on heating but required removing back cover. Already try it on iphone
4s and iphone 4. I would make a tutorial on how to do it at home without
any special equipment just dont know if any one still need it?

Sophie Ruffle says:

Thank you so much! I was really worried about heating it up but it

TheGamePRO MCW says:

Thanks it worked it is brilliant works perfectly no jokes everyone try it
it take a while with the dryer and in the fridge it may take 15 mins

Patricia Nicolau says:

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

Viva Venture says:

Hated my phone for 10 minutes! No warning came on!

Mehtaab Gill says:

Some black circles start showing up on screen

Huge Rob says:

This worked for me lol

Priyanga Dassanayake says:

It worked. Wow

TK Megadeth says:

My Wifi wouldn’t even come up to turn it on, this solved my issue! Thanks
so much

flexi47d says:

Worked for me! Thanks. I hope it continues to stay the same. 

Ladarren Johnson says:

I need help

David Acosta says:

Can anybody help my iphone does let me turn on wifi and its not picking up
my wifi while its working with my ipad iphone 5s and laptop and rest of
computers idk if I have to turn something on ??? And I also type my wifi
and password and it says “Could not find network “*****”

Sebghat Kakar says:

i am waiting now bebenom che mesha 

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