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wescoolya says:

You really dont have to replace the chip, its a simple as just heating the
chip up to reflow the solder under it.

glangford89 says:

what temperature did you use on the hot air gun for removal and replace 

Sandro Salvatore says:

what kind of stupid music is this

jino ershadi says:

hi mate what is that disoldering past called plz? i need to order fro
myself . thanks

Whiz Jhay says:

For those who are asking song is called: here I am to worship.

Jerryl Lapas says:

I have an iphone 4G its always vibrate and black screen display. when i
press the power on/off button and the home button ate the same time,
nothings happened.

Kevin Donoghue says:

top notch mate



Rodrigo Santos says:

Nice video! Where do you buy mobile logic board replacement parts? (BGAs,
battery connectors….). Thanks!

Felipe Macedo says:

Olá, você faz este reparo? O meu Iphone só carrega desligado, caso eu
conecte o carregador com ele ligado nada acontece.

Le Chimiste says:

Hi, woud you please make a video of iphone 3gs with the same problem as
this, thank you.

anthony mello says:

i fixed mine with a bucket of water

paola lapis says:

.i love this song

ejunky66 says:

iPhone 5/S Light Mod Glowing apple Logo /watch?v=dwDQy0KvK6o

M.H.J_Services says:

hi i have the same broblem you want to fix it ?

Castranova Leaderone says:

good job bro , professional !

Hoang Duong says:

dang cap the > sieu pro

Ezy Roxx says:

“Here I am to worship”?

sardor samadov says:

Tashkent steer

Dave Regenold says:

Do you do this repair for a fee? I have the part, and the fuses too. My
understanding is they should be replaced too. Thanks Dave

spinnanz says:

does this fault also stop it syncing with itunes?

AlexandeR Chan says:

when i plug in pc, my pc cant charge my iphone and itunes also no
detect….but i can charge my iphone though 3pin plug so what is my

Adrian Woodward says:

@rajithaify You can get the replacement ICs from fonefixer.webs.com

Dexter Yip says:


MegaSandiegan says:

My galaxy note N7000 is dead. I think the power IC needs replacement. Can
you do that for me? What would the cost be for that? Can I have your
personal email address ?

MrLazykid93 says:

question: when i plug in my iphone 4 it shows the plug not the lightning
bolt and it never charges? what do you think is the problem??

hamie says:

how much do you charge to do this on a iphone 4s?

Ibrahim Abdullah says:

that’s so lame and old joke, you know.

deniz kajmakci says:

you don’t need to be technician to do this

PLMSstudent says:

How much does the piece cost?

Andy G says:

nice…. Is that a soldering iron with a hot air attatchement or something

Dakwan Henry says:

Yah ok, ill get right on that.

Twotow Jumplin says:

Take too much time and there no guarantee it will power up after all that
work. There may be other parts that fail along with this IC.

خالد بن تركي says:

Hi, i would like to buy the correct soldering, from where i can find tools
for thsi type to fix Iphone IC?

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