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iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Water Damage Repair – iCracked.com

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http://www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s largest iPhone repair company, shows you how to repair your water-damaged iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. iCracked offers easy DIY Repair Kits and videos. Visit iCracked.com to find out about our convenient repair options and fix your broken iPhone today!

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jon lafave says:

An iphone i have to repair soon was dropped in a toilet but was grabbed
right away and put into rice. But the sound function fine , but whats weird
is if you shine a light on the iphone you can barely see the display on the
screen. But when you take the light off it goes black and you can not see
anything. Ik it’s not the screen cause i replaced the screen thinking that
was it but it still does the same thing?. WHat should i do. HELP PLZ. :(

stektpolse says:

My iphone 4s got water damaged ( speaker ) and when i play a song the
speaker sounds bad can someone pliss help me :'(

Imback1289 says:

My iPhone got water damaged because my brother threw it in the pool I am so

GoDzProGAMING14 says:

My iphone woks fine and all but the screen is black i dropped it in water
can someone help me

TinyLoaf96 says:

will this work if the water damage on my phone only takes away the sound
from games and youtube etc, and prevents the phone from calling? The phone
still turns on

Jackie Eghballi says:
Kobe Coloma says:

help one of my screws are not coming off

tushar NARKAR says:

Thanks for sharing an detailed video of repair ,Appreciate efforts by

Gabriel Palsson says:

i cant charge my shit iphone cuz it got a little wet when i was taking a
bath fuck

Sasithorn Smith says:

My iPhone back to life!!! Thanks for sharing.


You si crazzy You not professionnel

Russian Champ says:

Whats the “Solution” ?
70 percent alcohol?

Sid Patel says:

what if water got in through the speaker at the top, and the power button
work and the touch screen doesnt work either

ole lauritzen says:

what about after washing machine? is it worth a shot to fix it? thinking of
all the soap etc that gets inside the phone. stupid work pants that i had
to wash after work -_- thanx for you video:)

TheDougTechCrew says:

Hi, After repair the Audio IC on my iPhone 4 it displays the temperature
error. Would you know a fix that? Also, I have clean the logic board and
replaced the battery.

iCracked says:

@Acetown44 If you do know your iPhone has been exposed to water, but it is
still functioning fine, besides the Bluetooth and Wifi, I think it is safe
to assume your iPhone will continue to work just fine. If you do want to
restore your Bluetooth and Wifi, please visit our website to examine our
three water damage repair options!

iCracked says:

It is possible that while removing the battery, it was punctured. Any
liquid damage requires a new battery to be installed so problems like these
do not arise

geobitzy says:

how can i fix a ipod touch 4g with water damage??

Zay Brown says:

my iphone works perfectly i just cant bluetooth or wifi so im guessin its
water damage do u think my iphone will die out on me or am i ok?

17GingerNinja says:

I dropped my iPhone 4 in toilet 4 days ago, It was only in there a matter
of seconds, when I took it out the screen turned black and the flash stayed
on. I have left it in rice for the last couple of days but the phone still
wont turn on. Even when i plug it in to my charger it just remains black,
can anyone help me?

Drew Saeteurn says:

so if i was to send my water damaged iphone 4s to you guys, you guys can
fix the wi fi ?

MrPlOmO809 says:

ya sell mad fucken expensive

Lv2flair says:

His secret cleaning solution is 91% rubbing alcohol. Great instructional
vid though.

shanepj13 says:

What a bunch of rip off artists? Jesus, I can buy a new battery for $7, I
already have Qtips, I can buy whatever alcohol solution for like $5, and
all the tools for $5… YOURE MAKING OVER 100% profit. Why would I ever
consider buying the kit.

sikuaka2 says:

i pissed in mine what do i do….

Rick Bailey says:

The video you show has some differences from my phone. I have an iPhone 4
from Verizon. do you have a video for that?

N5Mystique says:

I kind of figured, thank you for the advice.

Jig Pu says:

my iphone 4s had some water damage, and everything works perfectly fine,
except the wifi(is grayed out) and the bluetooth. i looked on your website
but could not find any tutorial how to fix this issue. could you please
help me! thank you!

Buzzeh says:

I did buy a new battery, i got 2 new ones now actually, but no matter what
battery i get the bottom of the logic board heats up

John Kraus says:

I dropped my I-phone in pool somehow I put my I-phone rice bag for 4 days
and it didn’t work. So I came here and do some research about water repair
damage, found this video and you just SAVED MY I-PHONE 4 LIFE! Thank you so
much! You deserve a like!

iCracked says:

When dealing with water damage, it is always a possibility that we can fix
it. Unfortunately, water damage is fickle and we can never completely
guarantee that it is fixable. The good news is that sending it in to our
repair center for assessment is only 9.99 and the most sure way to fix your

Lv2flair says:

If your phone got soaked in Vodka and you turned it off quickly it should
be fine just remove battery and let let dry and reconnect. If you left it
on while soaked its prob done! If it was a flavored vodka(sugar) than
you’re screwed!

Tyson Letang says:

heres one for ya… Tbh, i passed out drunk in someones front lawn and it
rained overnight… i got up to go home and on my way to my truck i saw my
phone laying in the wet grass. battery wasnt dead, seemed to be working ok.
i turned it off and let it dry out for a few days. everything works fine
except the sleep button randomly thinks its being pressed and same goes for
the (cancel button?circle with a square init). Doesnt look like i can fix
it following these instructions. what do you think?

Arbab says:

Also one more thing sometimes i dont have games, apps sound, although ring
tone and alarm etc works fine. When LED turns on i hear some kind of sound
from the upper part of the iPhone (lens focusing sound i guess). This
problem doesnt arise while the iphone is plugged in. Do you have any idea
what could be the problem so i can replace it. As it is really annoying.
Thank you for such a wonderful video and all the help. Regards


mine fell in the toilet dont ask how! but it was working after ……i
still turned it off then when i got home i checked if it was still working
then the screen went out completely. I have it in rice right now. what else
should I do?

Alonso Jibaja says:

Hello, I got my iphone half-underwater for a couple of sec (2-3) and then
it ran out of battery. I let i dry for 7 days in raise and silica. Now
itunes says that is in recovery mode and need to be restore, but then error
40 shows up! what can i do?`thnx

kangulo123456789 says:

It won’t turn on

dee collin says:

same problem

Zack Seltzer says:

I did all of this and the phone turned back on and everything but when the
phone is charging now it tends to get really hot, can you help me with
this???? Please respond thank you! Great videos btw!

Ivan Scuderi says:

this video was awesome! i was able to fix my iphone fallowing the steps
that you show on this video , thank you!

James Fair says:

replace the battery

MrGypsyinVegas says:

Do you have a location in las vegas nv? if so where and how many? Pl reply
quickly thanks!

Ben Bengtsson says:

the battery is dead, just buy a new one and install

erick rivera says:

How much will it cost to get it wet.

ruben diosdado says:

I looked it up and the kit is 49.99 ? WTF

aq boboless says:

water damage kit is cotton buds lol

N5Mystique says:

Hello, I have an iphone 4s that was recently (about 3 weeks ago) slightly
water damaged. The phone keeps saying that it needs to be charged, I put it
on the charger and it appears to be charging but never actually turns on.
When I disconnect the phone from the charger the phone prompts me to
reconnect it to the charger. And in the process of never turning on the
phone just becomes hot. HELP! Is there any way I can save the phone at
home? Thank you.

CalixLife3 says:

so after the process does it erase all the memory ?

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