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iPhone 4 Front Glass Digitizer Replacement Repair HD Tutorial DIY Complete How To Fix

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http://www.iphoneshopusa.com/en/36-iphone-4-repair-kits-att-gsm If you have dropped your iPhone 4 and thinking about repairing it yourself then this video is for you! You can’t go wrong with this step by step HD tutorial. It will guide you from beginning to end. The most complete and best iPhone 4 dis-assembly and assembly tutorial on the Internet.

iPhone 4 Printable Screw Organizer sheet

iPhone 4 Complete front assembly LCD and Digitizer (Black)

iPhone 4 Complete front assembly LCD and Digitizer (White)

iPhone 4 Small Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver

iPhone 4 Small Pentalobe Screwdriver

iPhone 4 Plastic Case Opener Tool

iPhone 4 Sim Tray Removal Tool

This tutorial will work for iPhone 4 AT&T or GSM

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Step 1 Remove the bottom 2 screws
Step 2 Remove the back cover
Step 3 Remove the battery
Step 4 Disconnect the dock connector cable.
Step 5 Remove 5 screws holding down the cable cover
Step 6 Remove the vibrator
Step 7 Disconnect 5 cables
Step 8 Remove screw using a flathead screwdriver
Step 9 Remove sticker and screw beneath
Step 10 Remove the SIM Card tray
Step 11 Remove 2 screws holding down the speaker assembly
Step 12 Remove the main board
Step 13 Remove the speaker assembly
Step 14 Remove 10 screws
Step 15 Remove the front panel assembly
Step 16 Remove the speaker cover mesh
Step 17 Place mesh on new front panel asssembly.
Step 18 Place the new front panel assembly on the frame.
Step 19 Reassembly everything in reverse order.
Step 20 Complete!

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Rachel Akua says:

looks simple enough, Ill try it and save myself the money. Great video !!!´╗┐

lutskjr says:

This is so much better than others I’ve seen, thank you so much for
uploading. ­čÖé ´╗┐

jesshurun says:

This a full lcd and digitizer replacement fix your dam tittle´╗┐

soton000 says:

I smashed my Iphone specially to go thru this tutorial :-)))))´╗┐

Ryan Don says:

I ordered a white one replacement LCD screen with Digitizer Display Lens
but will it be fine because my phone 4 is black´╗┐

Matthew Hoffman says:

I hate how you need ti do all this just ti get the front off´╗┐

Lidian de Weert says:

Great video. If I could suggest one improvement, it would be to display the
step number in a corner of the screen. Really helps those of us who have to
do a lot of rewinding. :)´╗┐

Indigo D'Avalon says:

will this work for a 4s???´╗┐

Royce Reed says:

This is a very good tutorial. Two thumbs up! ´╗┐

Isidro Mendoza says:

I used to think replacing a screen was hard, but your video completely
changed my thought and way i look at it . You made it look so much simpler
and easy. THANK YOU :)´╗┐

Joseph McPhee says:

Worked like a charm.´╗┐

Cath O says:

Just lost my iphone following this. Taking apart is very difficult and
screws are so small it is very difficult to put them back where they
belong. Couldn’t reconnect the battery connector despite trying numerous
times. All parts so small – get a pro to do it! Wished I’d paid the ┬ú49 to
get it fixed!´╗┐

Gabriel Silva says:

I really need you to answer my question please! I recently broke my iphone
screen and now my iphone wont turn on, like the screen is all black
although the phone is technically still on. I can still recieve calls and
texts just that the phone wont turn on anymore. I was thinking of buying a
new screen from amazon and using this video to change the screen. Will
replacing the broken screen with the new screen allow the phone to work
like it used to ? Like the lighting will function properly ? because
something tells me somethings wrong with the wiring inside or something ´╗┐

charles booth says:

simples ´╗┐

Jarod Taylor says:

This is not a iPhone 4… Mine doesn’t have the parts he is removing, and
isn’t even made the same.´╗┐

stacio rios says:

Thanks for the info it was much help´╗┐

adri92239 says:

if the screen is held on with adhesive, why don’t you add more adhesive so
the new screen stays in place?´╗┐

Justin's new tech says:

Used the tutorial to replace my
iPhone 4 screen! Thank you!´╗┐

Lorenzo Cascio Palmieri says:

What if I want to reuse the working LCD on broken touchscreen?´╗┐

Dezerea Mccollough says:

THIS ISNT NOT AN IPHONE 4 it would be nice if it was
i got messed up trying to remove the vibrater bc of the difference´╗┐

Lauren Radulescu says:

was that just the digitizer replaced or the the whole screen with LCD´╗┐

Eddy Lee says:

Thanks for the tutorial sir……It just save my precious

monkebutler says:

you do not have to move iphone every time you remove screws or parts to
show us place where you are putting it, it is annoying. i stopped watching
after two minutes.´╗┐

mozbius says:

Is the replacement screen Retina?´╗┐

Michael Owen says:

Great video dude! Really usefull ;)´╗┐

mozbius says:

I’m looking forward to replace my screen with iphoneshopusa but I’m
worried… Is the replacement digitizer assembly as good as the original?
Is it OEM or some less quality part (heard some chinese knockoffs have
severe light bleeding defect for instance caused by poor manufacturing

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