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iPhone 4 Common Repair Problems – iCracked.com

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http://www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s largest iPhone repair company, shows you how to deal with some common repair problems encountered with the iPhone 4. iCracked offers easy DIY Repair Kits and videos. Visit iCracked.com to find out about our convenient repair options and fix your broken iPod Touch today!

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JorStratMIM44 says:

Thanks!! Fixed my daughters iphone 4 with a black screen. Cable was
probably not seated all the way.

Paul Wood says:

i replaced many iPhone screens and when i put on a new one one a phone i
currently have i put it all back together perfectly but it wont charge when
i plug it in??? please help

Marlon Sampson says:

Your video was very helpful and helped me learn my phone front to back but
sadly it still didn’t work for me. I did everything said in the video but I
guess my luck sucks. Thank you for all your help. The conflict with this
thing is completely beyond me unfortunately. :(

CinematicsHD says:

My phone works but only on itunes it shows the screen saying its in DFU
mode amd i need to restore it but the screen doesnt turn on at all 

Issop Irshaad says:

hello..i’ve got a small problem with my iphone 4s, whenever i switch it on
the logo appears on the phone but after 3sec it just disappear instantly
but the phone keeps running show no display of image… can you please help
me out of this problem?? 

pham uil says:

my iphone doesnt turn on and yet if i connect my charger to my iphone 4 ,
the apple just blink and after 5 seconds it will gone again until it will
happen again and again and agin., please help me i reaaly need to open my
iphone because i have some important contanct in there that i need to get.
how can i fix it? please i really need your help. im hoping for yoo to
respond. thank you

Alex Arcos says:

I relaced my 4s screen and reassembled it now my lock button didn’t work
idk what to do

Aquahorseify Jr says:

I replaced my iphone screen, and it shuts on, but wont boot past the apple
logo… I have tried multiple restores and none of those worked.. Apple
wont fix it, because i have modified it myself :(

Bob Baxter says:

this saved my life today

George Katsavrias says:

is it possible to replace an iphone 4 logic board with an iphone 4s one?an
if so,what would the results be?

sfsnbsoccer4 says:

I replaced LCD, everything seems to work, except battery won’t charge past
a certain point. I know that it was not like this before…any ideas?

Anthony Diaz says:

After the replacement I only get a chime and interval vibration

Rachel Lei says:

i replaced the screen a week ago, i am not sure why ip4 reboot every minute
after replaced. pls help!

Anthony Diaz says:

Sorry about I meant I did a “hard reset”.

Anthony Diaz says:

If the flex cables on the new screen/digitizer gets crimped will it not
work at all? 

Anthony Diaz says:

I replaced my screen and digitizer assembly and it will not power up at
all. I tried to “power reset” and checked to see if itunes will recognize
it and it didn’t. What do you think could be the problem?

Misterious says:

Two days ago I pinched the battery ribbon, and yep, it’s no good anymore.

Tom Gearing says:

Hi, After I replaced the screen on my iPhone 4 and reset it with itunes the
screen doesn’t work. The phone turns on and the buttons work, but only a
small backlight comes on, but the screen stays black. Do you have any

andrerada098 says:

hi i got iphone 4s but it wont turn on,i did the same thing like wat u said
in video…but still wont turn on..please help me

macgezzey says:


iCracked says:

Unfortunately, once you have pinched or torn one of those ribbon cables
during the repair, the Digitizer/LCD is irreparable. We do offer a discount
for our DIY customers who have had unsuccessful repairs!

Jenil Patel says:

@icracked I tried all your solutions for fixing the black screen. my
backlight still works. I tried a hard reset, the phone just turned back on
the same way it was. I unplugged the battery and plugged it back in, same
deal. I plugged it into itunes, and again same thing, no result. I can
still use voice control and notice my phone vibrate when i get a
notification. I feel the logic board may be damaged. what else can you
suggest i try however??!

Micheal Washam says:

Replace the screen dumbass.

Omnischient says:

I replaced my screen, and the phone appears to be on but the screen doesn’t
come on, I can press the home button, and all I hear is siri opening,
nothing else. I have an iPhone 4s

Thom Koudstaal says:

Is it possible to use the physical home button from the iPhone 4 in the
iPhone 4S?

oscar vital says:

What’s the girls name?


ok so i just bought a screen from you guys from amazon and i have installed
over 10 screens before with no problem. well what is hapening now is i try
to turn the phone on and the apple logo flashes for a second then a black
screen and i know the phone is on because the phone vibrates but i now cant
see the screen i checked all the connections and they are snapped into
place help

wescoolya says:

This guy is an idiot, he did give some good tips but almost screwed up the
screen that he was replacing and never pull the wedge the battery out
against the motherboard and always pull the battery connector out from the
opposite direction of the solder points.

Saquaia Hood says:

I replaced my screen removed everything and replaced it successfully only
thing is that now I can’t charge my phone , any suggestions on what could
have went wrong?

BurkaLifter says:

Your newspaper will start showing up late

GentrytravelTV says:

great what happens if i popped the battery connector with a metal object 🙁

Danielle Maria Walker says:

i want to learn how to fix apple products. where can i learn how to fix the
phones and ipad???

matt cortez says:

same problem here. Did you find an answer? if so please message me.

ThatCoolKidCooper says:

What’s up? My iPhone 4s for some reason, wentg from 70% percent battery to
1% battery. I tried charging it for serveral, several hours and it did
nothing. It stayed at one percent. So I tried turning it off and back on
and now, it will not turn on. I put it back on the charger and when I click
the lock/wake button it just shows the little lightning bolt. can you help
me? p.s. I have America’s got Talent auditions in two days and I would like
to record them, but I need help with my iPhone. THANKS

Tom Gearing says:

Also when I do a hard restart while the phone is connected to itunes,
itunes tells me that the phone is in recovery mode and it has me update and
restore. When it is done the phone is no different.

TheColts1027 says:

@iPodtouchhelp8 I have the same exact problem so while the back was off I
tried the old screen and the same thing happened again

Artie K says:

why does pinching the ribbon cause the screen to malfunction.. there is no
way to salvage it if it was pinched? im asking because i have an old screen
that i did that to and now only the bottom half of the touch screen works.
thanks for the info and tips

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