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If you Iphone is stuck with an Apple Logo please follow these instructions to get your phone back up and running. I give to 2 ways to fix this.

If you still need assistance please comment. All subs and likes is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Diana says:

All use this tip. I'm sure it will work on my iPhone 7plus

syed zahed says:

Hi ! both ideas was perfect

Charol Perez says:

I tried everything already. why it didn't work

anya d. says:

i was updating my phone and then it wouldn't turn back on. it just showed the apple button and then went black. and these aren't working for me 🙁

menace tv says:

I know how to fix all this problems aright 1 you get a blow dryer and do it on the back phone and the sides for 4min and then it will come on and say this red thing your phone needs to cool down and if it works please subscribe to me and like the comments I hope it works thank me later

Zoha Sheikh says:

i shut down my phone and when i tried to open it, it was not opening it

It's Sean Sia says:

When my Iphone is charging it keeps on and off and stuck on apple logo and repeat again. I cannot reboot it by pressing the power button and home button at the same time because my Iphone's home button isn't working. What should I do? I need help.

Shyam Kumar says:

my phone also same problem but I was do same process steel not remove logo

rietsuka anime says:

how's above my 4s after replacment the battery my iphone 4s will stuck on apple logo but my iphone 4s is broken homebuttom what should i do. thamks

Phurba Dorjee Sherpa says:

thnx for this video it really work

Links MSP says:


Cesar Campos says:

mone of them worked for me just gose black again

Naruto Cycle says:

Fuck man I'm stuck

AndrewBurgess says:

the problem is my home button doesn't work

CementCake says:

facebook did this to me

Rina Daimari says:

Thanks a lot it saved my life

Wandile Joseph says:

Thanks a lot Sir

Joven Gregorio says:

Thanks man. it helps me.

Yun Rahah says:

thank you this is working

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