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ipad wont turn on black screen FIX

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Whats up internet!? If your ipad wont turn on or you have a black screen this video may help you figure out a way to fix that! Some call this the black screen of death it appears….hmm…I took a very long time to put this video together. I wish i got it done faster but i had to wait for ipad parts and stuff. And then i had to put them together and stuff. The ipad in this video is an ipad 2. I think it may work on other ipad models but im not sure completely. Please do some research on that if you are interested. Please leave a comment below if this video helped you out in some way. Subscribe if you would like to see more videos like this one. Like the video if you want to support the channel. Be good. Thanks for watching. And i hope that helped you with your ipad.


David Spangler says:

Please ID the parts to replace. David k4dtshr@gmail.com

86julionolasco says:

my ipad turns on but only stays at 1% when plugged and it wont charge. if I unplug the charger it turns off bc it doesn't have enough charge. please help me find the issue

Nicholas Nunez says:

have fixed hundreds of ipads and never once have i seen this issue. Thanks for the video though

2chenz fgt says:

please help i was charging my ipad with a new charger but the ipad was so hot like it was so hot it could burn my skin ok then it just went black i pulled out the charger and now i had to put the ipad in the fridge to cool it down and now it wont turn on help!!

Carol Vandenbosch says:

Thanks so much, it worked!!!!!!

dalek moore says:

i have been doing electronics for over 30 years this is not a job for some one who does not know a resistor from a transistor ,as well cooking the parts to get the solder to melt you could very well kill the ics .

bakedmuffinman87 says:

Your hilarious. lol.

Retchil Amahit says:

what kind of parts is that? can you tell me the one that u need to change if black screen

JKOK Gaming says:

You ahould just try holding both home and power buttons for 10 seconds then carry on on the home button for 5 more.

Naomi Robles says:

Is there a easier way to fix IT I cant turn IT ON first I was playing a game and its loading 2 mins and IM pressing the home buton its Not working I turn it off and now IT wont start

Edgar Hernandez says:


tezlin says:

Bit to involved for me was hoping for a quick easy fix

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