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iPad Screen Repair (Prevent the screen from coming off)

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iPad repair performed by 254Repair.com in Killeen TX. In this video we give you tips and techniques to perform your iPad Repair here in Killeen TX.
Please contact us at 254-247-5037 or visit our website http://www.254repair.com for more information.
You can find more information about the iPad screen press at http://www.ipadscreenpress.com


RinaDasler says:

can u just e600 it??

ray Howe says:

Did you not think, I should turn this off, this is how to blow the back light fuse.

Tangy Aditya says:

The thing at the top of the iPad at 5:16 has totally puffed up in my iPad!!! What do I do?!?!?! :/

Justin Tran says:

Hi +254Repair Killeen what is that swivel mount that you're using for the heat gun at the start of the video? I find it a bit of a hassle to repair devices freehand.

Would appreciate your response 🙂

George Toscano says:


George Toscano says:

Do you have a link for the tape you use? size? brand?

Billy Etheridge says:

HEY! You did a great job and I'm not looking for a pretty shop or video to get the message across (if I want Little Bo Peep in a blue bell dress I'll look up nursery rhymes.. ; >). I was trying to figure out what a local repair shop meant by "12 hour to let the glue dry", the other day and now I know. Thanks for putting me on the iPad press. Being an engineer and knowing that the double sided tape "glues" are designed to increase bonding strength while under pressure and exposure to room temperatures, it only makes sense….. Thank you again…

Darrell F says:

What size of adhesive tape is that???

254Repair - Cell Phones & Computers says:

iPad Screen Replacement how to video…

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