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iPad Screen Problem And Fix, How To Fix Flickering iPad LCD Without Replacing LCD

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If you have the same issue with your iPad screen blinking and flickering you can try out my fix. It will not cost you any money.


Vendetta Music says:

My ipad os typing by itself please help me

Saudi Jack says:

At first I thought this is a joke! Thanks a lot. This helps.

Jahangir Alam says:

Thank you for your help,my iPad is working well now.

moose miro says:

My iPad has like glitches all over were you can’t even see the real screen what do I do without taking to a shop

ghemz billbabent says:

Thanks for this video,it works.

Cherrii SødA says:

Frick! I really need help! My IPad (3?) flickers to black and I'm not allowed to take my cover off, and I'm scared to do this.
And my parents said We can't repair it, I need help!

Clorox Bleach says:

my ipad mini screen is shaking,, how to fix it?

AwesomeInfernape says:

Thanks guy a lot .It works great after I do as you show .

Bodhi Tones says:

Do I have to take it out of its case. Because yesterday I put my iPad on my couch but it fell off and now it's turned like the color of a green screen and purple when I go on my apps and safari hope it sorts itself out and turned back to the color it should be.

XoxoAngelesxoxo Cruz says:

Quick question my iPad had a bad drop at first it made different colours flash and turn off and I turned on again but it's keeps turning off I'm scared bc I only had my iPad for two and a half years and I already broke please help

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