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iPad Pro 9.7 Display Assembly Repair – Fixez.com

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iPad Pro 9.7 Replacement Screens:

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Watch the Official 9.7-inch iPad Pro Display Assembly Repair Guide. Following the step-by-step iPad Pro screen replacement instructions we have provided will help you safely replace a damaged or faulty 9.7″ iPad Pro TFT Display. Visit Fixez.com for all of the DIY iPad Pro 9.7 replacement screens, parts and tools you need to fix your tablet quickly, and affordably.

If you need your 9.7-inch iPad Pro repaired ASAP instead- we have you covered there too. Contact one of our skilled technicians at 866-233-6460 or support@fixez.com and they will fix your device for you. They are available Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm PST.

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9.7-inch iPad Pro Display Assembly Repair Video Steps:


You are performing this repair at your own risk
We claim no responsibility for any damages that might occur

Step 1

Power down your 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablet.

Step 2 (iPad Pro 9.7 Display Assembly)

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro Oxide TFT “True Tone” display assembly is glued on solidly and is a tight fit within the rear case. Apply heat to soften the adhesive.

Use the precision knife to create enough space to insert a triangle opening tool.

With the triangle opening tool slice thru the sticky adhesive and carefully decouple the iPad Pro screen. Don’t try to fully separate the display yet, as several fragile ribbon cables still connect it to the iPad’s logic board.

Remove the following 3 Phillips screws securing the bracket that covers the display’s cables.

With the bracket out of the way, detach the cables from the logic board and free the 9.7-inch iPad Pro display assembly.

Step 3 (iPad Pro 9.7 Home Button and Touch ID Assembly)

Peel up the piece of black tape.

Release the ZIF connector and carefully slide out the home button assembly cable.

The bracket that secures the iPad Pro home button and touch ID is held in place with two gobs of adhesive. Use the tweezers to pry it up from the front panel.

Remove the 9.7-inch iPad Pro home button and touch ID assembly.

Step 4 (iPad Pro 9.7 Front Camera Bracket)

Carefully slide the precision knife between the camera bracket and front panel.

* To reassemble your device, follow the steps in reverse order.



Hello. How can I disassemble the digitizer from the lcd? Can this be done?

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