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iPad Pro 12.9″ Smart Keyboard Fix

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The iPad Pro 12.9″ keyboard is very unreliable for many people. Here is a simple fix that works for me.


César Isaac Cedillo Ortiz says:

In the MacStore could not help me and I had one year that not used the keyboard. thank you very much.

Moe Muslet says:

Worked for me but I feel like this is a temporary fix

Ross Campbell says:

Thanks so much! Just worked for me after an hour of trying every other possible fix :).

This Heated Climate says:

Please design the next Smart Keyboard

am476 says:

It took a few tries, but this actually worked after weeks of the keyboard being completely unresponsive. Thank you!

mark teague says:


Billy McCaa says:

I think I have discovered the real cure. I was always getting this message that “accessory not supported”. I replaced my charging cable and no more issues with my keyboard. Not sure what the connection is but looks like that cured the problem

epiphany turner says:

Hi that didn’t work for my 12.9 pro; I have a pop up that says This device does not support this accessory.

Yousef Ghalib says:

Thanks. This helped a lot

Sierra Xmemorys says:


It sadly didn’t work

John Watson says:

I did what you show and amazingly it works. Apple should be shameful that their products need people like you to fix. Thank you very much!!

ralphpurtcher says:

Doesn't work for me unfortunately 🙁

Mohd Azam Imran Mahalim says:

Thanks so much, I was thinking to buy a new one as I thought it has something to do with magnet/connection which is unfixable. No I know what is exactly the problem with a simple fix. You just save me $170, thanks so much.

Robyn Miller says:

Yay! That is the problem! Slide the thing over. Thank you

Bassam Al-Kaaki says:

Guys, I think I found the solution for this non-contact issue with the ipad and the smart keyboard. Rub the right side of the inside cover (where the grey material is found). Then rub all the areas with your fingers for around 10 seconds and connect it back again, and it should work perfectly.

Gregory Lobue says:

Thank you for this, i was going crazy

John Mayfield says:

Thank you! This keyboard seems to go off and on, but your suggestion worked perfectly.

Loska Ster says:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Apple has prolonged the warranty period for early 2016 smart keybords. I’ve been at my local authorised apple reseller today and they have confirmed that as well as took in my keyboard in for warranty replacement. I’ll know how it ended up soon. If you have such problems contact apple asap. They have prolonged the warranty to 3 years.

david pastrana says:

THANK YOU! I was so frustrated! You da BEST!

Jejo Limbo says:

Thank you, should’ve gone for a magic keyboard or the logitech keyboard instead. It’s annoying, it’s breaks my workflow most of the time.

KX MO says:

Great! If you slide the IPad, it works!

Zombie Anims wannabe -_- says:

Mine just wont work

mleonard724 says:

Does anyone know if there are certain Apple smart keyboards that are revised that maybe have a more recent manufacture date? Curious if this common problem is solved.

Aaron Cazy says:

Nice fix. Typing this comment with my Smart Keyboard right now 🙂

Bailey B says:

Such a rubbish design but you saved me from wanting to hurl this at the wall. Thank you!!!!!!

Baufão 8000 says:

You helped me ! Really Helped me ! Thanks for the vídeo! I just slided it a little and it started working again since 10 days of strike.

Desmond Springs says:

Man you just smooth saved me some money

Lucas Bishop says:

Still doesnt work

michael garrison says:

Just opened mine and almost freaked out.. great info worked like the demo.. Thanks!

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