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iPad not charging fix (worked for me)

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I used a toothbrush to clean the charging port.




asdry vlogs says:

Hey, so can u do a video on how to do it? Ill try it but dont wanna mess up my toothbrush

Edward Ausags says:

Thank you so much, your video very interested. I already tried it's work my ipad back to normal thanks again 👍👍👍👍

Mr Robloxter says:

I will definantly try this

BaldwinCDBC says:

Thank you very much mate! I used a tepe (bought in Sainsburys) for your teeth to clean the charging port and my iPad is working like a dream! Cheers

Jay PlayzYT says:

Hi is it OK if we can also take my iPad to a phone/tablet/iPad repair shop?

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